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Anderson Power Products Multipole Connectors - SB® 350 Series
CSA File UL File Number RoHS Compliant
SB® 350 Connector Features
  • Mechanical Keyed Housings
    - Prevents accidental mating of components operating at different voltage levels.
  • Single-Piece Housing and Unitized Construction
    - Provides industrial quality and durability.
  • Genderless Design
    - Makes assembly quick and easy and reduces number of parts stocked.
Anderson SB 350 Connector
The Innovative SB® connectors provide cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and safety for your products manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Anderson Power Products 2-pole connectors are available with a 350 amp rating, 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation. There are SB® connectors for many applications and wire sizes, 2/0 AWG to 300 mcm (67.4 to 152.0 mm²). Mechanical keys ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same color. Different color housings are selected to identify voltages, thus preventing mismatching of the power supply system.
Bulk 2-Pole Housings for SB 350 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Housing Color Recommended Voltage
Color Code
Add part number 906 to your Quote. 906 Add part number 906-BK to your Quote. 906-BK Gray 36V
Add part number 912 to your Quote. 912 Add part number 912-BK to your Quote. 912-BK Blue 48V
Add part number 932 to your Quote. 932 Add part number 932-BK to your Quote. 932-BK Orange 18V
Add part number 914 to your Quote. 914 Add part number 914-BK to your Quote. 914-BK Yellow 12V
Add part number 913 to your Quote. 913 Add part number 913-BK to your Quote. 913-BK Red 24V
Add part number 931 to your Quote. 931 Add part number 931-BK to your Quote. 931-BK Green 72V
Contacts for SB 175 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Description AWG Drawing
Add part number 917 to your Quote. 917 Add part number 917-BK to your Quote. 917-BK Contact Set (2)
BK sold as individual contacts
Add part number 907 to your Quote. 907 Add part number 907-BK to your Quote. 907-BK Contact Set (2)
BK sold as individual contacts
Add part number 916 to your Quote. 916 Add part number 916-BK to your Quote. 916-BK Contact Set (2)
BK sold as individual contacts
Add part number 908 to your Quote. 908 Add part number 908-BK to your Quote. 908-BK Contact Set (2)
BK sold as individual contacts
Add part number 910 to your Quote. 910 Add part number 910-BK to your Quote. 910-BK Contact Set (2)
BK sold as individual contacts
300 mcm
Add part number 350BBS to your Quote. 350BBS N/A Bus Bar Contact N/A
2-Pole Housing with 350 Amp Contacts (2)
Housing Color Part Number
with #2/0 AWG
Part Number
with 4/0 AWG
Part Number
with 3/0 AWG
Part Number
with 300 mcm
Recommended Voltage
Color Code
Gray Add part number 6320G1 to your Quote. 6320G1 Add part number 6320G2 to your Quote. 6320G2 Add part number 6320G5 to your Quote. 6320G5 Add part number 6320G4 to your Quote. 6320G4 36V
Blue Add part number 6321G1 to your Quote. 6321G1 Add part number 6321G2 to your Quote. 6321G2 Add part number 6321G5 to your Quote. 6321G5 Add part number 6321G4 to your Quote. 6321G4 48V
Orange Add part number 6400G1 to your Quote. 6400G1 Add part number 6400G2 to your Quote. 6400G2 Add part number 6400G5 to your Quote. 6400G5 Add part number 6400G4 to your Quote. 6400G4 18V
Yellow Add part number 6323G1 to your Quote. 6323G1 Add part number 6323G2 to your Quote. 6323G2 Add part number 6323G5 to your Quote. 6323G5 Add part number 6323G4 to your Quote. 6323G4 12V
Red Add part number 6322G1 to your Quote. 6322G1 Add part number 6322G2 to your Quote. 6322G2 Add part number 6322G5 to your Quote. 6322G5 Add part number 6322G4 to your Quote. 6322G4 24V
Green Add part number 6324G1 to your Quote. 6324G1 Add part number 6324G2 to your Quote. 6324G2 Add part number 6324G5 to your Quote. 6324G5 Add part number 6324G4 to your Quote. 6324G4 72V
Reducing Bushings for SB 175 Amp Connectors - Use with 907
Part Number Bulk Part Number Coversion Drawing
Add part number 5918 to your Quote. 5918 Add part number 5918-BK to your Quote. 5918-BK 2/0 to 1/0
Accessories for SB 175 Amp Connectors
Part Number Description Drawing
Add part number 995G2 to your Quote. 995G2 Handle & Hardware - Gray
Add part number 995G4 to your Quote. 995G4 Handle & Hardware - Red
Add part number 919 to your Quote. 919 Manual Release-Locking Half-Cable Clamps, Hardware, & Lock Out Spring for the Battery
Add part number 919G1 to your Quote. 919G1 Mounting Half-Mounting Half-Hardware & Lock Out Spring for Battery
Add part number 922G1 to your Quote. 922G1 Mounting Half-Hardware for Truck or Charger
Add part number 996G1 to your Quote. 996G1 Cable Clamps-2 Single Conductor with Hardware
Add part number 111197G1 to your Quote. 111197G1 Charger Key
Add part number 134G3 to your Quote. 134G3 Dust Cover
Add part number 911 to your Quote. 911 Cable Clamps-2 Single Conductor, Cables with Hardware and Steel Handle
Add part number SB350-LOCKOUT to your Quote. SB350-LOCKOUT Safety Lockout N/A
Part Number Description Specifications
1368 Hand Tool
1387G1 Pneumatic Tool
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on Pneumatic Tooling
1388G2 Die for 2/0 to 3/0 AWG
1388G1 Die for 4/0 AWG
1389G2 Locator for 2/0 to 3/0 AWG
1389G1 Locator for 4/0 AWG
1303G4 Die for 1/0 to #4 AWG
1304G4 Locator for 1/0 to #4 AWG
Complete Specifications - .pdf Files
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SB Family Overview
SB 350 Amp Connector Specifications
SB 350 Amp Connector Assembly Instructions
SB 350 Bus Bar Assembly Instructions