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Anderson Power Products Multipole Connectors - SBE® 80 Series
SBE® 80 Connector Features
  • Meets UL Finger Probe Test
    - Each half offers finger proofing and can be connected to two energized sources up to 150 volts AC/DC.
  • Auxiliary Contacts
    - Provides additional poles up to 30 amps for auxiliary power, control, or sensing.
  • Handle
    - Eases connector use and relieves unnecessary strain on cables when disconnecting.
Anderson SBE 80 Connectors
This connector is for hot-plug use at 60 amps. It contains recessed contacts and a ribbed nose housing, thus providing finger proofing in environments where human contact is a consideration. Available in different colors, this genderless connector is mechanically keyed to ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same color.

With the silver-plated copper contacts, there is a maximum connect/disconnect life of 10,000 cycles, with 150 volts continuous AC or DC operation. Accessories, such as integral cable clamp and handle, provide strain relief and ease of use.
Housings for SBE 80 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Housing Color Recommended Voltage
Color Code
Add part number SBE80RED to your Quote. SBE80RED Add part number SBE80RED-BK to your Quote. SBE80RED-BK Red 24V
Add part number SBE80YEL to your Quote. SBE80YEL Add part number SBE80YEL-BK to your Quote. SBE80YEL-BK Yellow 12V
Add part number SBE80ORN to your Quote. SBE80ORN Add part number SBE80ORN-BK to your Quote. SBE80ORN-BK Orange 18V
Contacts for SBE 80 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Description AWG Drawing
Add part number 1339G1 to your Quote. 1339G1 Add part number 1339G1-BK to your Quote. 1339G1-BK Contact Set (2)
BK sold as individual contacts
Connector Kit
Part Number Description
Add part number SBE80RED16MMHDL to your Quote. SBE80RED16MMHDL Red Housing with Contacts, Handle, Clamp, and Hardware
Reducing Bushings for SBE 80 Amp Connectors - Use with 1339G1
Part Number Bulk Part Number
1000 min/mult
Coversion Drawing
Add part number 5912 to your Quote. 5912 Add part number 5912-BK to your Quote. 5912-BK #6 to #8
Add part number 5910 to your Quote. 5910 Add part number 5910-BK to your Quote. 5910-BK #6 to #10/12
Accessories for SBE 80 Amp Connectors
Part Number Description Drawing
Add part number SBE80CLPRED to your Quote. SBE80CLPRED Cable Clamp and Hardware
Add part number SBE80HDLRED to your Quote. SBE80HDLRED Red Handle
Add part number 6344 to your Quote. 6344 Auxiliary Contact Kit
Part Number Description Specifications
Add part number 1309G4 to your Quote. 1309G4 Hand Tool
1387G1 Pneumatic Tool
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on Pneumatic Tooling
1388G6 Die for #6 AWG
1389G9 Locator for #6 AWG
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