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Anderson Power Products Multipole Connectors - SBE® 700 Series
SBE® 700 Connector Features
  • 700 Amp Continuous Current
    - The SBE 700 eliminates the need for more than one connector to achieve high current charging.
  • Up to Ten Auxiliary Contacts
    - Provides sensing and communications circuits for any battery charging/monitoring system.
  • Field Replaceable Power Contacts Utilize Industry Standard Cables
    - Tool removable, crimp contacts use 250 MCM or 4/0 cables, eliminating high cost specialty cables.
  • Touch Safe, Keyed Design
    - The connector body prevents inadvertent touching of the main power contacts. Connector specific keying can be ordered to insure only matching connectors can be mated.
Anderson SBE 700 Connectors
The SBE 700 connector is UL listed and certified to meet EPRI Conductive Fast Charge Connector specifications, with a continuous current capacity of 700 amperes. The SBE 700 allows the use of a single connector to meet the tough demands of high current traction battery rapid charging.

Rugged and durable, the connector is capable of 10,000 mating cycles. The SBE 700 connector is keyed and touch safe offering improved user safety. The integrated non-metallic cable clamp further improves user safety by restricting cable insulation creep and increases the ruggedness of the connector/cable assembly. Up to ten optional auxiliary contacts are also available for sensing and communications.

The SBE 700 is designed and manufactured to the same high standards and stringent specifications that have made APP the leader in high power connectors.
SBE 700 Amp Connectors
Part Number Description
Add part number 700G1 to your Quote. 700G1 700A Housing, Contacts, and Clamp
Add part number 707G1 to your Quote. 707G1 700A Housing, Contacts, Clamp, and Release Lever & Bracket for Battery Connector
Add part number 708G1 to your Quote. 708G1 700A Housing, Contacts, Clamp, and Latch Plate for Truck/Charger Connector
Add part number 709G1 to your Quote. 709G1 700A Housing, Contacts, Clamp, Release Lever & Bracket for Battery Connector, and Auxiliary Housing
Add part number 706G1 to your Quote. 706G1 700A Housing, Contacts, Clamp, Latch Plate for Truck/Charger Connector, and Auxiliary Housing
Components for SBE 700 Amp Connectors
Part Number Description Drawing
Add part number 702G1 to your Quote. 702G1 Housing Only
Add part number 703G1 to your Quote. 703G1 Auxiliary Contact Housing Only (ten auxiliary connector and/or spacers needed to fill auxiliary housing) N/A
Add part number 704G1 to your Quote. 704G1 Cable Clamp Only N/A
Add part number 705G1 to your Quote. 705G1 Release Lever and Bracket for Battery Connector (mates with 706G1) N/A
Add part number 706G1 to your Quote. 706G1 Latch Plate for Truck/Charger Connector (mates with 705G1) N/A
Add part number 6170G1 to your Quote. 6170G1 700A Contact Set
Add part number 5954 to your Quote. 5954 Bushing 4/0 AWG
Part Number Description Specifications
Add part number 1309G2 to your Quote. 1309G2 Hand Tool for Auxiliary Contacts
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