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Anderson Power Products Multipole Connectors - SBE® Connector Family Overview
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  • Finger Proof - Helps prevent fingers (or probes) from accidentally touching live contacts. SBE®160 and SBE®320 connector meets EN1175 requirements.
  • Mechanical Keyed Housings - Prevents accidental mating of connectors operating at different voltage levels.
  • Auxiliary Contacts - Provide ability to incorporate a sencondary sensor control circuit.
  • Single-piece Housing and Unitized Construction - Provides industrial quality and durability.
  • Optional Air Supply System - Supplies air to battery during charging.
  • Genderless Design - Makes assembly quick and easy and reduces number of parts stocked.
  • UL94-V0 Housing Material - Provides security in knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict UL flammability ratings.
Anderson SBE Series Connectors
Product Range
UL Current Rating (Amps)* 80* to 700*
UL Voltage Ratings (Volts) 150*
Contact Barrel Wire Size (AWG) #6 to 300 mcm
Max. Wire Insulation Diameter (inches) 0.44 to 1.10
AVG Contact Resistance* (micro-ohms) 200 to 50
Insulation Withstanding Test Voltage (Volts AC/DC) 2200
Contact Retention Force (lbf) 50 to 500
Life No Load (Contact/Disconnect Cycles) To 10,000
Life Under Load (Hot Plug) Max Amps (250 cycles @ 120V) 60A to 100A*
Avg. Connection /Disconnect (lbf) 15 to 30
Operating Temp. Range °C -20° to 105°
Flammability Rating of Housing Material UL94-V0

* UL Rated for 65°C largest wire or cable
Recommended Voltage Key Color Code
Voltage 12V 18V 24V 36V 48V 72V 80V 96V 120V 144V
Color Yellow Orange Red Gray Blue Green Black Brown Purple White
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Product Information
Invented by Anderson Power Products®, the innovative SBE® connectors provide cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and safety for your products' manufacture, installation and maintenance. APP's 2 pole connectors are available for 80, 160, 320 and 700 amp ratings for use to 150 Volts continuous AC or DC operation. There are SBE® connectors for many applications and wire sizes, #6 (13.3mm²) to 300 mcm (152.0²mm). Mechanical keys ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same color. Different color housings are selected to identify voltages, thus preventing mismatching of the power supply system.

The housings are interchangeable, genderless interconnects. Insert contacts into housings and plug together for a clever, simple and low-cost solution to power interconnection.

Markets: UPS Systems, Telecommunications, Forklift Trucks, Wheelchairs, EV, Chargers, Power Electronics & Much More.