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Anderson Power Products Multipole Connectors - SBS® 50 Series
CSA File UL File Number RoHS Compliant
SBS® 50 Connector Features
  • Finger Proof
    - Minimizes the potential contact with live contacts, per UL1977, section 10.2.
  • Mechanical Keyed Housings
    - Prevents accidental mating of connectors operating at different voltage levels.
  • Ergonomic Design
    - Is "user friendly" during connection and disconnection of the system.
  • Molded Side Grooves
    - Allows for direct panel mounting, for panel thickness of .048 to .062 inches (1.22 to 1.57mm) or a panel mount bracket.
Anderson SBS 50
The Patented SBS50 is designed for high voltage applications where personal safety is critical. The connector meets UL1977 section 10.2 and is recommended for over 50 volts.

The slim, ergonomic design, along with Andersons flat wipe contact technology makes hot plugging and unplugging easy and safe. The SBS™ 50 is manufactured using the same high quality materials that provide APP customers the robustness needed for systems demanding reliability and longevity.

Applications for this connector include: AC & DC power distribution, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and traction batteries.
Bulk Housings for SBS 50 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Housing Color Recommended Voltage
Color Code
Add part number SBS50GRA to your Quote. SBS50GRA Add part number SBS50GRA-BK to your Quote. SBS50GRA-BK Gray 36V
Add part number SBS50BLU to your Quote. SBS50BLU Add part number SBS50BLU-BK to your Quote. SBS50BLU-BK Blue 48V
Add part number SBS50RED to your Quote. SBS50RED Add part number SBS50RED-BK to your Quote. SBS50RED-BK Red 24V
Add part number SBS50BLK to your Quote. SBS50BLK Add part number SBS50BlK-BK to your Quote. SBS50BLK-BK Black 80V
Add part number SBS50BRN to your Quote. SBS50BRN Add part number SBS50BRN-BK to your Quote. SBS50BRN-BK Brown 96V
Add part number SBS50WHT to your Quote. SBS50WHT Add part number SBS50WHT-BK to your Quote. SBS50WHT-BK White 192V
Bulk Contacts for SBS 50 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Description AWG Drawing
Add part number 1339G2 to your Quote. 1339G2 Add part number 1339G2-BK to your Quote. 1339G2-BK Contact Set (2) - Low Detent 6
Add part number 1339G3 to your Quote. 1339G3 Add part number 1339G3-BK to your Quote. 1339G3-BK Contact Set (2) - Low Detent 10/12
Reducing Bushings for SBS 50 Amp Connectors - Use with Add part number 1399G2 to your Quote. 1399G2
Part Number Bulk Part Number Coversion Drawing
Add part number 5912 to your Quote. 5912 Add part number 5912-BK to your Quote. 5912-BK #6 to #8
Add part number 5910 to your Quote. 5910 Add part number 5910-BK to your Quote. 5910-BK #6 to #10/12
Add part number 5913 to your Quote. 5913 Add part number 5913-BK to your Quote. 5913-BK #6 to #14/16
Accessories for SBS 50 Amp Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Description Click to Download Drawing
Add part number SBS50-HDL-RED to your Quote. SBS50-HDL-RED N/A Handle and Hardware - Red N/A
Add part number 990 to your Quote. 990 Add part number 990-BK to your Quote. 990-BK Cable Clamp & Hardware-Self Attaching - 2C
Add part number 990G1 to your Quote. 990G1 N/A Cable Clamp & Hardware-Screw Mounting - 2C N/A
Add part number 5905 to your Quote. 5905 Add part number 5905-BK to your Quote. 5905-BK Cable Clamp-1 Twin Conductor with Hardware
Add part number 1466G1 to your Quote. 1466G1 N/A Panel Mount Bracket
Complete Specifications - .pdfFiles
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