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Anderson PCB Connectors
Features and Benefits  
  • Vertical and Right Angle Terminations - Allows for design flexibility.
  • Tin Plated Copper Contacts - Minimal contact resistance at high currents.
  • Fits Standard Housing & Accessories - Allows for configurations that can be color coded and polarized.
  • Two Right Angle Stacking Bends - Allows two rows parallel stacking of connectors on the PCB.
  • Quick Disconnect - Avoids the need for unfastening ring type terminals.
  • Snap-On Interface - Ensures foolproof assembly and proper connection.
  • Vertical Mini-Powerclaw UL Rated - For current interruption (hot-plug) so that equipment can be hot swapped.
Anderson PCB Connectors
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Product Information  
The printed circuit board (PCB) contact series, when utilized with the Powerpole® 15/45, PP75 and SB®50 connector housings, provides a reliable wire to printed circuit board connection. It's rated at 25 to 55 amps, 600 volts, AC/DC. This contact is available in both straight (vertical) and right angle (horizontal) terminations for perpendicular and parallel mounting.

The innovative design of the PCB family of connectors for the power electronics market makes connecting and disconnecting a snap, enabling safe and convenient "hot swapping*" during equipment maintenance without the need to power down. Compact and robust, they're rated at 55 amps for singlepole and 50 amps for blocked connections.

The mini horizontal and vertical PCB contacts offer the same high current capacity as the original, while providing the design engineer more options when board real estate is at a minimum.

* Contact factory for ratings