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On-Line Electronics Value-added Services
please contact our sales team formore information on our value-added services:
email: or call toll free:1-800-335-5111
custom din-rail assemblies built to your specifications: in-house assembly of magnum single-row barrier strips:
  • din-rail (cut to length)
  • power and signal distribution
  • custom terminal block markers
  • terminal blocks, relays, timers, contactors, nameit!
  • panel or pcb mount
  • .325", .375", and .437" spacing
  • 20-30 amp ratings
  • choice of terminal and screw styles
  • quick-connect terminals available
  • ul / csa inspected facility
custom brady labels: weco euro-style terminal blocks cut to order for fast delivery:
custom brady labels
  • thermal-transfer, dot-matrix, laser, or inkjet printablelabels
  • custom sizes and graphics
  • barcoding and serializing
  • large selection of label materials and colors
  • 302(8mm), 323(10mm), 324(11.5mm), and 327(14.5mm) seriesblocks
  • ratings from 20-65 amps
  • 12-pole blocks in stock (quickly converted to shorterlengths)
  • screw terminals with wire protectors
  • weco authorized modification center

special promotion! weidmuller professional users' kit - only $175.00
a savings of over 50% off of msrp
weidmuller 1439990000 professional users' kit   
finishfaster: the old adage is true - "time is money", but is it possibleto increase your efficiency without cutting corners? the answer isyes, with our high quality tool set. the set includes all you needto prepare your wires for connection in less time, and with lessfatigue.
higherprecision: as a connectivity solution provider, weidmuller strivesto provide high quality tools to ensure the best possibleelectrical connections. with precision tools from weidmuller, youwill get a high-quality, consistent result while adhering toimportant industry standards.
kit p/n add part number 1439990000 to your quote. 1439990000includes the following items:
kt8 cable cutter stripax stripping tool pz6 roto ferrule crimper
kt 8 cable cutter stripax® strippingtool pz 6 roto ferrule crimper
cable cutting toolfor up to awg 3; cutting without deformation of the cable, specialsharpening and angle of the blades: very low hand forcesrequired. automatic strippingtool from awg 28 to 8 - single wires not damaged due to 70 singleself-adjusting blades; many features like cable cutter, partstripping and adjustable stripping length. ferrure crimping toolfor awg 26 to 10 with just one die; ratchet operation for precisecrimping from the front or the side
thisspecial toolkit also includes a ferrule assortment box to getstarted.