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Anderson Power Products 45 Amp High Power PCB Connectors
CSA File UL File Number RoHS Compliant
Powerpole PP45 PCB Connector Features
  • Current Rating 45 Amps
    - Enables high current connections directly to the PCB
  • Vertical and Right Angle Terminations
    - Allows for design flexibility
  • High Durability
    - Rated up to 10,000 cycles (no load)
    - Under load (Hot plug 250 cycles @120V)
Anderson 45Amp PCB Connectors
Anderson Power Products High Current printed circuit board (PCB) contact series, when utilized with the Powerpole® 15/45 connector housings, provides a reliable wire to printed circuit board connection. They are UL Recognized at 45 amps, AC or DC. The connector may be configured in 1 and 2 row configurations, in both vertical and right angle mounted terminations. This connector provides an ideal solution for applications that require high current connections to a PCB.
Housings for Anderson 45 Amp High Power PCB Connectors
Part Number Housing Color Drawing
Add part number 1327 to your Quote. 1327 Red Anderson PP15/45 Housings

Click for Drawing
Add part number 1327G5 to your Quote. 1327G5 Green
Add part number 1327G6 to your Quote. 1327G6 Black
Add part number 1327G7 to your Quote. 1327G7 White
Add part number 1327G8 to your Quote. 1327G8 Blue
Add part number 1327G16 to your Quote. 1327G16 Yellow
Add part number 1327G17 to your Quote. 1327G17 Orange
Add part number 1327G18 to your Quote. 1327G18 Gray
Add part number 1327G21 to your Quote. 1327G21 Brown
Add part number 1327G22 to your Quote. 1327G22 Pink
Add part number 1327G23 to your Quote. 1327G23 Purple
45 Amp High Power Contacts
Part Number Description Drawing
Add part number 1335G1 to your Quote. 1335G1 Vertical Mount, Short Tail Contact
Add part number 1336G1 to your Quote. 1336G1 Horizontal (Bottom), Right Angle Mount Contact
Add part number 1337G1 to your Quote. 1337G1 Horizontal (Top), Right Angle Mount Contact
Accessories for 45 Amp High Power PCB Connectors
Part Number Bulk Part Number Description Drawing
Add part number 1399G9 to your Quote. 1399G9 Add part number 1399G9-BK to your Quote. 1399G9-BK Red Mounting Wing
Add part number 1399G1 to your Quote. 1399G1 Add part number 1399G1-BK to your Quote. 1399G1-BK Red Short Spacer with End Hole
Add part number 1399G2 to your Quote. 1399G2 Add part number 1399G2-BK to your Quote. 1399G2-BK Red Long Spacer
Add part number 1399G6 to your Quote. 1399G6 Add part number 1399G6-BK to your Quote. 1399G6-BK Red Short Spacer without Hole
Add part number 110G68 to your Quote. 110G68 N/A PP15/45 Retention Clip
Add part number 114555P1 to your Quote. 114555P1 N/A Staple 1x1 (H x W)
Add part number 114555P2 to your Quote. 114555P2 N/A Staple 1x2 (H x W)
Add part number 114555P3 to your Quote. 114555P3 N/A Staple 1x3 (H x W)
Add part number 114555P7 to your Quote. 114555P7 N/A Staple 1x4 (H x W)
Add part number 114555P8 to your Quote. 114555P8 N/A Staple 1x6 (H x W)
114555P5 N/A Staple 2x1 (H x W)
Add part number 114555P6 to your Quote. 114555P6 N/A Staple 2x2 (H x W)
Add part number 114555P9 to your Quote. 114555P9 N/A Staple 2x2-long (H x W)
Complete Specifications
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