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Anderson Power Products 120 Amp Powerpole® Connectors
CSA File UL File Number RoHS Compliant
Powerpole PP120 Connector Features
  • Flat Wiping Contact Ststem
    - Minimal contact resistance at high current, wiping action cleans contact surface during connection/disconnection.
  • Colored Modular Housings
    - Provides visual identification of proper mating connector.
  • Molded-in Dovetails
    - Secures individual connectors into "keyed" assemblies which prevents misconnection with similar configurations.
  • PP120 is now capable of 230 amps with the new 1/0 AWG extended range contacts
Anderson Powerpole PP120 Connectors
Powerpole® connectors provide cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and safety for your products manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Powerpoles are stackable and color-coded for easy customization into multipole blocks. The housings are modular and genderless. Powerpole® connectors provide 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation. Wire sizes range from #1/0 to #8 AWG (53.5 to 8.4 mm²).
Bulk Housings for Powerpole 120 Amp Connectors
Part Number Housing Color Drawing
Add part number 1321G3 to your Quote. 1321G3 Red Powerpole Housings
Click for Drawing
Add part number 1321G4 to your Quote. 1321G4 Green
Add part number 1321G1 to your Quote. 1321G1 Black
Add part number 1321G2 to your Quote. 1321G2 White
Add part number 1321 to your Quote. 1321 Blue
Contacts for 120 Amp Connectors
Part Number Description AWG Sq. mm Drawing / Data Sheet
Add part number 1319 to your Quote. 1319 Individual Contact 2 33.6
Add part number 1319G4 to your Quote. 1319G4 Individual Contact 4 21.2
Add part number 1319G6 to your Quote. 1319G6 Individual Contact 6 13.3
Add part number 1323G1 to your Quote. 1323G1 Individual Conatct - Extended Range 1 42.4
Add part number 1323G2 to your Quote. 1323G2 Individual Conatct - Extended Range 1/0 53.5
Reducing Bushings for 120 Amp Contacts (Use with 1319 Contact)
Part Number Bulk Part Number Coversion Sq. mm Drawing
Add part number 5919 to your Quote. 5919 Add part number 5919-BK to your Quote. 5919-BK #2 to #4 33.6 to 21.2
Add part number 5920 to your Quote. 5920 Add part number 5920-BK to your Quote. 5920-BK #2 to #6 33.6 to 13.3
Add part number 5921 to your Quote. 5921 Add part number 5921-BK to your Quote. 5921-BK #2 to #8 33.6 to 8.4
Accessories for 120 Amp Powerpole Connectors
Part Number Description Click to Download Drawing
Add part number 1464G1 to your Quote. 1464G1 2 & 4 Pole Mounting Clamp Set
Add part number 1464G2 to your Quote. 1464G2 3 & 6 Pole Mounting Clamp Set
Add part number 110G18 to your Quote. 110G18 Retaining Pin, 2-High Block of Connectors
Add part number 110G19 to your Quote. 110G19 Retaining Pin, 1-High Block of Connectors
Complete Specifications - .pdf Files
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Powerpole® 120Amp Connector Specifications
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