Macromatic Voltage Monitor Relays - VWKPU Series Voltage Band (Window) 208-240V

Macromatic Voltage Monitor Relays - VWKPU Series Voltage Band (Window) (Plug-In)
Voltage Band Relays provide protection to equipment that is required to operate within an upper & lower voltage limit. As long as the operating voltage remains within an OVER & UNDER voltage range, the internal relay stays energized. If the operating voltage falls outside this range, the relay will drop-out.

The VWKPU can be used to monitor any 208, 220 or 240V AC single phase voltage. The relay will energize (pickup) when the voltage falls within the preset OVER trip point (adjustable 100-125% of nominal) or UNDER trip point (adjustable 75-100% of nominal) for a period longer than the pick-up time delay (t1). If the operating voltage falls outside the preset OVER or UNDER trip points for a period longer than the drop-out time delay (t2), the relay will de-energize (drop-out). When the voltage returns to normal (within the preset OVER & UNDER trip points) for a period longer than the pick-up time delay (t1), the unit automatically resets and the relay energizes. The pick-up time (t1) and drop-out time (t2) are independantly adjustable.
Macromatic VWKPU Series
Approvals Approvals Approvals
  • Monitors 208-240V AC single phase voltage
  • Provides voltage band (window) protection
  • Wide range of user-adjustable Over Voltage and Under Voltage settings
  • Independantly adjustable time delay on Pick-Up and Drop-Out
  • LED indicates output relay status
  • Compact plug-in case utilizing industry standard 8 pin octal socket
  • 10A SPDT output contacts
VWKPU Series Graph
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Adjustable Nominal Voltage Setting 208-240V AC
Adjustable Time Delay on Pick-up & Drop-Out from 0.1 - 10 Seconds
Part Number Nominal Voltage Under Voltage Range Over Voltage Range Wiring / Socket
Add part number VWKPU to your Quote. VWKPU 208, 220 & 240V AC 75-100% of Nominal Voltage Setting 100-125% of Pick-Up Setting Diagram 150
Voltage Tolerance: +50%/-40% of nominal voltage; AC voltages are 50-60Hz; No supply (input) voltage is required.
Load (Burden): Less than 3VA
Voltage Settings: Over Voltage: 100-125% of Normal Voltage
Under Voltage: 75-100% of Normal Voltage
Temperature: -28° to 65°C (-18° to 149°F)
Output Contacts: SPDT: 10A @ 240V AC/30V DC, 1/2HP @ 240V AC
Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations
Full Load: 100,000 operations
Response Times: Power Up: 2 seconds fixed delay
Operate: 0.1 - 10 seconds adjustable
Release: 0.1 - 10 seconds adjustable
Indicator LED: Red steady when relay is energized; Green when relay is off; Green rapid flashing when in power-up mode.
Reset: Automatic