Macromatic PCP Series - Phase Reversal Monitor Relays

Macromatic PCP Series - Phase Reversal Monitor Relays (Plug-In)
The PCP Series Phase Monitor Relays provide protection against phase reversal in a compact plug-in design. One version will work on any 3 phase system from 208V to 480V (a separate 120V-only version is also available). The relay is energized and the LED on when the sequence is correct. Any fault will de-energize the relay and turn off the LED. Reenergization is automatic upon correction of the fault condition.

These devices are designed to be compatible with most Wye or Delta systems with no connection to Neutral required.
  • PCP Series protects against phase reversal only
  • LED indicates both normal and fault conditions
  • Compact plug-in case utilixing industry standard 8-pin octal socket
  • 10A SPDT output contacts
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Part Number Protects Against Nominal Voltage (50/60 Hz)
Phase to Phase (Line to Line)
Wiring Socket
Add part number PCP1 to your Quote. PCP1 Phase Reversal 120V Diagram 23
Add part number PCP2 to your Quote. PCP2 Phase Reversal 208-408V
*Requires a 600V-rated socket when used on system voltages above 300V.
Phase Reversal: Unit trips if sequence of the three phases is anything other than A-B-C.
Output Contacts: 10A Resistive SPDT @ 240V AC, 1/3HP @ 120/240V AC (N.O.), 1/6HP @ 120/240V AC (N.C.)
Life: Full Load: 100,000 operations
Response Times: Operate: 50ms, Release: 50ms
Load (Burden): 3VA
Temperature: -28° to 65°C (-18° to 149°F)
Transient Protection: 10,000 volts for 20 microseconds
Mounting: Uses an 8 pin octal socket. Requires a 600V-rated socket when used on system voltages greater than 300V (Macromatic Product Number 70169-D
Indicator LED: Red LED on when all conditions are normal, and off when a fault condition has occurred.
Reset: Automatic upon correction of fault