Macromatic ISP Series - Intrinsically-Safe Relays - Single Channel

Macromatic ISP Series - Intrinsically-Safe Relays - Single Channel (Plug-In)
The ISP series of Intrinsically Safe Relays provide a safe and reliable method to control a load (motor starter, relay, etc.) with an input device (switch, sensor, etc.) located in a hazardous area. The Instrument Society of America defines intrinsically safe equipment & wiring in their specification ISA-RP12.2 as: “equipment and wiring which is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most ignited concentration. Intrinsically safe terminations and wiring may be brought into any hazardous location of any Group classification for which it is accepted without requiring explosion-proof housing or other means of protection”.

UL Listed apparatus provides intrinsically safe circuits for use in Class I Groups A, B, C, D, Class II Groups E, F, G, and Class III Hazardous Locations. The ISP relay must be mounted in a non-hazardous area, following Macromatic Control Drawing Number ISR2A01D. In order to comply with UL requirements, intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe wiring must be physically separated to prevent inadvertent bypass.
Macromatic ISP Series
Each ISP relay consists of an intrinsically safe control switch input and an electromechanical relay output. When the control switch in the hazardous area is closed, the relay is energized. When the control switch is opened, the relay is de-energized.

Typical applications include pump lift stations, grain elevators, refineries and paint rooms.
  • Provides Low Cost Alternative to Explosion-Proof Enclosures
  • Single Channel
  • Isolated 10A SPNO output contact
  • 120V AC Input Voltage
  • LED Status Indicator
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Part Number Input Voltage Number of Channels Wiring Socket
Add part number ISP120A to your Quote. ISP120A 120V AC Single Diagram 160
Both an integral mating clip and the appropriate 8-Pin socket are included with the plug-in relay.
Input Voltage: 120V AC, ±10%, 50/60Hz
Load (Burden): 1.25 VA
Output Contacts: SPNO 10A @ 120V AC Resistive
Life: Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations, Full Load: 100,000 operations
Response Times: Operate: 11 ms
Release: 4 ms
Temperature: Operate: -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)
Storage: -45° to 85°C (-49° to 185°F)
Insulation Voltage: 2,000 volts
LED Indicator: Green ON when relay is energized & OFF when relay is deenergized.
Mounting: Both an integral spring mating clip and the appropriate 8 pin socket are included with the plug-in relay.
UL Control Drawing ISR2A01D
UL Control Drawing ISR2A01D
1. All intrinsically safe wiring shall be separated from non-intrinsically safe wiring. Refer to Article 504 of the National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA 70) for installation of intrinsically safe wiring.
2. Maximum distance between unit and switch contacts is 1,000 feet.
3. Switch contact shall be any non-energy storing or generating switch type device containing no capacitance or inductance.
4. Device must be installed in Omron socket PF083A and with locking clips attached to base.