Wago IO System - System Modules

Wago System Modules
System(End Module) System Module Housing
The electronics of the WAGO I/O modules are located in 3 different housings.
The width of the module with special functions is 12 mm or 24 mm. The electronics of the buscouplers are integrated in a housing with a width of approximately 51 mm.
The modules with special functions may contain up to 3 power jumper contacts which realize a through connection. Depending on the application, all modules are equipped with up to 4 LEDs (12 mm housing) or up to 8 LEDs (24 mm housing).
Depending on the I/O function, some modules do not have power jumper contacts (e.g. 4-channel modules). A module which needs all contacts may be connected to the right-hand side of modules which do not have 3 power jumper contacts. Please review the circuit diagrams of the individual modules (found on the .pdf file). An additional power supply module may be necessary.
Note: A bus end module is always required at the end of each node ( Add part number 750-600 to your Quote. 750-600 ), opposite end from the buscoupler, to complete the node.
Binary Spacer w/ Power Supply Separation Module w/ Contacts
Bus Ext. End Module Separation Module, 24V DC, 230V AC
Bus Ext. Coupler Module Supply Module, 24V DC
End Module Supply Module, 0-230V AC/DC
Field Side Connection, 0-230V AC / DC Supplyw/ fuse, 24V DC
Field Side Connection, 24V DC Supply w/ fuse, 230V AC
Field Side Connection, 0V DC Supply w/ fuse, 120V AC
Filter Module, System & Field Sides Supply w/ fuse & diagnostics, 24V DC
Internal System Supply Module, 24V DC Supply w/ fuse & diagnostics, 120V AC
Overvoltage Protection, Field Side Supply Module, EEx i, 24V DC
Separation Module