Wago IO System - Specialty Modules

Wago Specialty Modules
Specialty Module (Up/Down Counter) Special modules such as counters, pulse width modules, SSI transmitters, incremental encoders, digital impulse interfaces, serial interfaces for RS 232c or RS 485, TTY, S0, data exchange, AC/DC supplies with or without fuse and diagnostic, field side connection, spacer and separation modules complete the wide range of options available for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.
2 Channel Digital Output, 24V DC, 0.1A, pulse width Incremental Encoder Interface 32 bit
AS Interface Master PROFIsafe 4 Ch. DI / DO
Counter (up/down), 100kHz PROFIsafe 8 Ch. DI
Counter (up/down), 2 counters, 16 bit, 500Hz PROFIsafe Power Switch
DALI / DSI Master Serial Interface RS 232 C
Data Exchange Module Serial Interface RS 485
Digital Impulse Interface SSI Transmitter Interface
EEx i, Supply Module 24V DC TTY Interface
Incremental Encoder Interface 16 bit