Wago IO System - Fieldbus Couplers

Wago I/O 750 Series
Wago 750 Series The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 is the smallest modular, fieldbus independent, distributed I/O system. It makes cost and space saving design of fieldbus nodes possible due to the free combination of digital, analogue and special function I/O modules. Optimized for a wide varity of applications:
--Fine modularity: 1, 2, 4, or 8 channels per module.
--A safe investment: Fieldbus independent node design. Fieldbus coupler with PLC functionality (controller) for distributed control networks in compliance with IEC 61131-3.
--Flexible: Digital/analog inputs/outputs and special functions with different voltage and signal types can be assembled in one fieldbus node.
--Dependable: Approved for industrial automation, building automation, ship building, and onshore or offshore applications. Reliable - even in harsh environmental conditions.
Voltage Supply
The bus coupler/controller has provisions for an electrically isolated supply to the internal electronics and the field side, which enables a separate supply of the sensors and actuators. The supply voltages are made automatically by snapping the individual I/O modules into the assembly. Furthermore, power supply modules with diagnostics allow for supply monitoring, so that an I/O nnode can be supplied in a flexible and use defined way. The power supply to the electronics is limited to a maximal possible value depending on the coupler/controller used. If the sum of the internal current consumption of all I/O modules exceed this value, an additional supply module, Add part number 750-613 to your Quote. 750-613 , has to be used.
In the same way, the supply of the field power (via power contacts) must not exceed 10A. However, using different power supply modules allows for a change of vovltage and/or power supply. Assembling groups of different voltage potentials (e.g. 24V DC, 230V DC) will also permit the use of Emergency Stops within a system.
Some I/O modules have no or only individual power contacts so that he transmission of potentials may be interrupted. If field power is necessary for the I/O modules, a supply module has to be used.
Additional voltage supply regulation
for ceretified implementation in shipping industry or offshore/onshore applications
Some specific bus couplers/controllers and I/O modules of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEMS 750 are certified for the above mentioned application fields. To ensure a proper system operation, the standards of leading certification agencies must be observed. For this pupose, the following power supply filter modules must be used:
Add part number 750-624 to your Quote. 750-624 :
24V DC field side power supply filter (surge) used to filter the 24V DC fieldside power supply of the corresponding power supply module
Add part number 750-626 to your Quote. 750-626 :
24V DC power supply filter (surge) used to filter the electronics and field side supply for bus coupler, controller and internal bus supply module ( Add part number 750-613 to your Quote. 750-613 ).