Wago IO System - System Modules

Wago System Modules
Wago 750-627
Part Number Conformity Marking
Add part number 750-627 to your Quote. 750-627 CE
The internal data bus extension end module Add part number 750-627 to your Quote. 750-627 is snapped onto the carrier rail at the end of the assembly in the same way as the standard end module Add part number 750-600 to your Quote. 750-600 The assembly is completed with this end module allowing a connecting cable to be connected with an RJ 45 plug.
Power to the internal electronics is supplied via the internal bus. One extension end module and at least one coupler module Add part number 750-628 to your Quote. 750-628 are an operative unit. The fieldbus coupler/ controller carries out all diagnosis and commissioning tasks.

Installation Notes:
In order to guarantee safe operating conditions when using the internal data bus extension modules 750-627/-628, the buscouplers must have the internal parameters set accordingly. Please order the WAGO extension setting tool Add part number 759-314 to your Quote. 759-314 and use it to inform the buscouplers/ controllers Add part number 750-304 to your Quote. 750-304 Add part number 750-306 to your Quote. 750-306 Add part number 750-310 to your Quote. 750-310 Add part number 750-319 to your Quote. 750-319 Add part number 750-324 to your Quote. 750-324 Add part number 750-333 to your Quote. 750-333 Add part number 750-337 to your Quote. 750-337 750-339, Add part number 750-342 to your Quote. 750-342 Add part number 750-804 to your Quote. 750-804 Add part number 750-806 to your Quote. 750-806 750-19, Add part number 750-833 to your Quote. 750-833 Add part number 750-837 to your Quote. 750-837 Add part number 750-841 to your Quote. 750-841 Add part number 750-842 to your Quote. 750-842 including all variations, of the new operating parameters. Please complete the manufacturing number matrix on the right-hand side of the couplers when updating the firmware and internal operating parameters. On the left-hand side of the buscouplers, please use the markers (enclosed in Add part number 759-314 to your Quote. 759-314 to identify the modules that have been activated / deactivated.
Technical Information
Characteristic Value
Max. no. of coupler modules bis zu 10
Current consumption max (internal) 70 mA
Buscoupler connection 1 x RJ 45 SOCKET
Distance between end module and coupler or coupler and coupler max. 5 m
Isolation 500 V system / supply
Operating temperature 0 °C ... + 55 °C
Storage temperature -25 °C ... +85 °C
Relative air humidity 95%
Vibration resistance acc. IEC 60068-2-6
Shock resistance acc. IEC 60068-2-27
Degree of protection IP 20
EMC immunity to interference acc. EN 50082-2 (96)
Characteristic Value
EMC emission of interference per EN 50081-1 (93)
Conformity marking CE
Cross section from [mm²] 0.08 mm²
Cross section to [mm²] 2.5 mm²
Cross section from [AWG] 28 AWG
Cross section to [AWG] 14 AWG
Weight 45.5 g
Color light gray
Height 64 mm
Height 2.52 in
Width 24 mm
Width 0.945 in
Depth 100 mm
Depth 3.937 in
Strip length from 8 mm
Strip length to 9 mm
Strip length 0.33 in