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Wago Specialty Modules
Wago 750-625
Part Number Conformity Marking Approvals
Add part number 750-625 to your Quote. 750-625 CE TÜV
This supply module provides power for the intrinsically safe I/O modules Add part number 750-435 to your Quote. 750-435 , -485, -535 and -585 . Furthermore, the module separates the intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe section of the node. Maximum supply current available to all connected modules is 500 mA. Should higher currents be necessary, intermediate supply modules must be added in the assembly. Note: In this case, four separation modules Add part number 750-616 to your Quote. 750-616 must be placed between the intrinsically safe sections. This module is fuse-protected. The fuse can be inserted or changed by pulling out the fuse carrier.
Indicators: Green LED (supply voltage input/output)
Input and output side are electrically isolated from each other. General information (e.g. installation regulations) on explosion protection is available in the WAGO-I/OSYSTEM 750 manuals!
Technical Information
Characteristic Value
Input voltage DC 20,4 V ... 28,8 V
Current via power jumper contacts (max) 500 mA
Max. nominal output voltage via contacts DC 24,7 V
Power consumption P max. (W) 18 W
Heat dissipation 5.5 W
Fuse 5 x 20; T 630 mA; MELTING INTEGRAL <= 5.1 A²S (FUSE NOT INCLUDED.)
Internal data width (Bit) 2 Bit
Operating temperature 0 °C ... + 55 °C
Storage temperature -25 °C ... +85 °C
Relative air humidity 95%
Vibration resistance acc. IEC 60068-2-6
Shock resistance acc. IEC 60068-2-27
Degree of protection IP 20
EMC immunity to interference gem. EN 61000-6-2 (1999)
EMC emission of interference gem. EN 61000-6-4 (2002)
EC EMC standards 89 / 336 / EWG
EC low voltage standards 73 / 23 / EWG
Characteristic Value
Ex guideline 94 / 9 / EG; EN 50014, EN 50020, EN 50021
Marking Ex II 3 G EEx nA II T4
Safety data Input: UM = 253 V; Output: U0 = 27,3 V
Conformity marking CE
Cross section from [mm²] 0.08 mm²
Cross section to [mm²] 2.5 mm²
Cross section from [AWG] 28 AWG
Cross section to [AWG] 14 AWG
Weight 48.5 g
Color light gray
Height 64 mm
Height 2.52 in
Width 48 mm
Width 1.89 in
Depth 100 mm
Depth 3.937 in
Strip length from 8 mm
Strip length to 9 mm
Strip length 0.33 in