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Introduction - Power Delivery Solutions
General Purpose Power Supplies
Single Phase Input
Info & Selection Chart
24-28VDC Output / 3A
24-28VDC Output / 5A
24-28VDC Output / 10A
24-28VDC Output / 20A
Three Phase Input
24-28VDC Output / 10A
24-28VDC Output / 20A
24-28VDC Output / 40A
Advanced Features Power Supplies
Single Phase Input
Info & Selection Chart
5VDC Output / 2A
5VDC Output / 3A
5VDC Output / 8A
12VDC Output / 1.5A
12-15VDC Output / 3A
12VDC Output / 10A
24VDC Output / 0.5A
24VDC Output / 1A
24-28VDC Output / 2.3A
24-28VDC Output / 6.5A
22-28VDC Output /
48VDC Output / 1.04A
48VDC Output / 3.25A
Three Phase Input
24VDC Output / 2.3A
24-28VDC Output / 6.5A
23-28VDC Output / 12.5A
23-28VDC Output / 25A
23-28VDC Output / 40A
Pro-M Series Power Supplies
Pro-M Series Introduction
Single Phase Input
24VDC Output / 3A
24VDC Output / 5A
24VDC Output / 7.5A
24VDC Output / 10A
24VDC Output / 20A
24VDC Output / 40A
Three Phase Input
24VDC Output / 5A
24VDC Output / 10A
24VDC Output / 20A
24VDC Output / 40A
T-Series High Performance Industrial Power Supplies with Hazardous Approvals
T-Series Introduction
Single Phase Input
12VDC Output / 6A
12VDC Output / 12A
24VDC Output / 3.8A
24VDC Output / 7.5A
24VDC Output / 15A
24VDC Output / 25A
48VDC Output / 4A
48VDC Output / 7.5A
48VDC Output / 12.5A
T-Series Redundancy Modules
Redundancy Modules
DC-DC Converters
Introduction - DC-DC Converters
12VDC Input DC-DC Converters
24VDC Input DC-DC Converters
Diode Modules
Diode Modules for Redundancy
Battery Back Up Units (BBUs)
Introduction - Battery Back Up Units (BBUs)
Battery Back Up Units (BBUs)
Electronic Fusing System WAVEGUARD
Introduction - Electronic Fusing System
WAVEGUARD Electronic Fusing Modules
Introduction - Weidmuller Electronic Fusing System WAVEGUARD
Weidmuller's WAVEGUARD Electronic Fusing System dramatically enhances the reliability of an automation control panel.
WAVEGUARD Electronic Fuses are used by connecting them in series between a switch mode DC power supply and each of the loads in a control panel. These electronic fuses constantly monitor the current delivered to their assigned load and measure the delivery time, and when an overload or short circuit current is detected, they open the load's circuit within microseconds. The electronic fuse will isolate the failing circuit before the DC power supply initiates a self-shutdown routine (most DC power supplies take milliseconds to initiate the self-shutdown routine.) This ensures continued delivery of power to the rest of the circuits in the automation control panel.
When either an overload or a short circuit occurs, the WAVEGUARD Electronic Fuse will not only prevent the entire process or machines dependent on the control panel from shutting down, but it will also facilitate quick problem resolution by isolating the specific failure and indicating which circuit has failed via fault contact and LED indication.
WAVEGUARD Electronic Fuses offer a number of advantages over melting fuses and conventional electromechanical circuit breakers.
WAVEGUARD Electronic Fuses:
  • Are transistor-based switching solutions that are not affected by temperature changes. Operation points of melting fuses and electromechanic circuit breakers are dependent on ambient temperature changes.
  • Provide remote monitoring and reset inputs to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Have local monitoring and electrical resetting inputs so you can quickly troupleshoot to get the system up and running within minutes.
  • Ride through peak in-rush current at system start up to prevent nuisance tripping.
  • Are DIN-rail mountable, and is available with an adjustable rating of 0.5 to 5.0 Amps.
  • Prevents a failure on a single load from shutting down an entire panel or system.
  • WAVEGUARD electronic fuses are connected in series between the power supply and each of the loads.
  • WAVEGUARD fuses can be remotely monitored and reset for control panel troubleshooting.