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Introduction - Power Delivery Solutions
General Purpose Power Supplies
Single Phase Input
Info & Selection Chart
24-28VDC Output / 3A
24-28VDC Output / 5A
24-28VDC Output / 10A
24-28VDC Output / 20A
Three Phase Input
24-28VDC Output / 10A
24-28VDC Output / 20A
24-28VDC Output / 40A
Advanced Features Power Supplies
Single Phase Input
Info & Selection Chart
5VDC Output / 2A
5VDC Output / 3A
5VDC Output / 8A
12VDC Output / 1.5A
12-15VDC Output / 3A
12VDC Output / 10A
24VDC Output / 0.5A
24VDC Output / 1A
24-28VDC Output / 2.3A
24-28VDC Output / 6.5A
22-28VDC Output /
48VDC Output / 1.04A
48VDC Output / 3.25A
Three Phase Input
24VDC Output / 2.3A
24-28VDC Output / 6.5A
23-28VDC Output / 12.5A
23-28VDC Output / 25A
23-28VDC Output / 40A
Pro-M Series Power Supplies
Pro-M Series Introduction
Single Phase Input
24VDC Output / 3A
24VDC Output / 5A
24VDC Output / 7.5A
24VDC Output / 10A
24VDC Output / 20A
24VDC Output / 40A
Three Phase Input
24VDC Output / 5A
24VDC Output / 10A
24VDC Output / 20A
24VDC Output / 40A
T-Series High Performance Industrial Power Supplies with Hazardous Approvals
T-Series Introduction
Single Phase Input
12VDC Output / 6A
12VDC Output / 12A
24VDC Output / 3.8A
24VDC Output / 7.5A
24VDC Output / 15A
24VDC Output / 25A
48VDC Output / 4A
48VDC Output / 7.5A
48VDC Output / 12.5A
T-Series Redundancy Modules
Redundancy Modules
DC-DC Converters
Introduction - DC-DC Converters
12VDC Input DC-DC Converters
24VDC Input DC-DC Converters
Diode Modules
Diode Modules for Redundancy
Battery Back Up Units (BBUs)
Introduction - Battery Back Up Units (BBUs)
Battery Back Up Units (BBUs)
Electronic Fusing System WAVEGUARD
Introduction - Electronic Fusing System
WAVEGUARD Electronic Fusing Modules
Introduction - Weidmuller Power Delivery Solutions
One of the biggest challenges facing process control and manufacturing automation managers today is minimizing unplanned downtime and their associated costs. Weidmuller's Reliable Power Delivery Solutions for control electronics offer solutions to these problems
In analyzing the cause for unplanned plant standstills, Weidmuller identified a number of problems attributed to inadequate design practices for automation and control electronics when uptime is a key design goal. Weidmuller has developed its Power Delivery Solutions for control with high uptime as a key design objective.
Among others, these solutions address the problem of protecting switched mode DC power supplies against load failures. Switched mode, regulated DC power supplies are designed to initiate a protective self-shutdown routine in the event of an overload or short-circuit condition at their output. When this happens, the switched mode power supply may stop providing power to its DC circuits.
However, despite the fact that the switched mode DC power supply has protected itself from damage, the circuits that depend on this power supply may experience a loss-of-power condition or malfunction. This can likely create an entire control panel shutdown and ultimately unplanned service interruptions. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate overloads or short-circuit occurrences from the rest of the active elements in a control panel. Weidmuller has solved this problem through its WAVEguard electronic fusing system, which prevents load failures from propogating back to the DC power delivery system, prevents drops in DC power to the control panel, and eliminates nuisance-tripping.
In addition, Weidmuller's electronic fuses improve failure identification and location time and reduce associated costs, since these fuses can be wired to a control room, enabling personnel to remotely identify the failure without testing multiple load circuits. This can cut troubleshooting time and associated costs by more than 50 percent, and ultimately prevent further revenue losses.
Diode moduled ane another component of Weidmuller's Power Delivery Solutions for control that can increase the reliability of a process control system. They enable parallel connectivity of two or more power supplies for power redundancy, or they can be used to deliver increased power to the load.
Weidmuller offers a full range of single phase and three phase advanced and general purpose Power Delivery Solutions available in 24 VDC and other output voltage variants. All power supplies have power boost capability and all Power Delivery Solutions components are TS-35 DIN-rail-mountable.
No industry can afford unplanned downtime because of an overload condition or short-circuit in control panel electronics. Weidmuller support teams conmbined with products like electronic fuses, diode modules, switched mode DC power supplies, and battery backup units (BBUs) provide the most reliable Power Delivery Solution available for process control and automation control panels in the industry.
Solving DC Power System Problems
Switch mode DC power supplies are typically used for power delivery in control panels, but even a highly reliable power supply is not sufficient to ensure a reliable Power Delivery Solution. A faulty load may cause a protective power supply shutdown, essentially bringing down all circuits feeding off of the supply. A faulty AC Power Distribution System affects both the load side and the AC input side, so AC POwer Distribution System break downs must be prevented.

Weidmuller Power Delivery Solutions are designed to solve these common DC power for control problems:
  • Protect and Monitor DC Power of Contol Systems
  • Provide Uninterrupted DC Power with Redundancy
  • Provide Uninterrupted DC Power with Redundancy and Fault Indication
  • Guarantee DC Power to Critical Loads
  • Eliminate Step-down Transformers
  • Manage Medium and Large Inductive Loads