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Brady BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer

Brady BBP31 Sign and Label Printer The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer by Brady!    
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Brady BBP™31 Printer - Raised Panel Labels
  • Costs up to 80% less than engraved legend plates
  • High gloss, polyester label with thick raised profile and ultra-aggressive adhesive (0.70mm thick)
  • High performance, low cost substitute to engraved plates
  • 10-Year outdoor durability rating
  • On-demand labeling: labels print out in less than 4 seconds
  • Flexible labeling options: 6 colors, 7 rectangular sizes, 5 pushbutton sizes (including keyed and non-keyed 22.5mm and 30.5mm hole dia keyed)
  • Service temperature: -4°F to 212°F; Application temperature: 50°F to 212°F
  • Use ribbon catalog number B30-R6000 with these part numbers
Raised Panel Labels
Raised Panel Labels
Push Button Style Label Color Part Number Dimensions Labels / Roll
Style 168
22.5mm dia keyed hole
White Add part number B30EP-168-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-168-593-WT 1.2" 1.9" 180
Black Add part number B30EP-168-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-168-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-168-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-168-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-168-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-168-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-168-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-168-593-YL
Style 167
22.5mm dia keyed hole
White Add part number B30EP-167-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-167-593-WT 1.2" 1.5" 235
Black Add part number B30EP-167-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-167-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-167-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-167-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-167-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-167-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-167-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-167-593-YL
Style 167U
22.5 dia no key hole
White Add part number B30EP-167U-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-167U-593-WT 1.2" 1.5" 235
Black Add part number B30EP-167U-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-167U-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-167U-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-167U-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-167U-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-167U-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-167U-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-167U-593-YL
Style 169
30.5mm dia keyed hole
White Add part number B30EP-169-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-169-593-WT 1.8" 1.8" 190
Black Add part number B30EP-169-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-169-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-169-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-169-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-169-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-169-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-169-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-169-593-YL
Style 170
30.5mm dia keyed hole0
White Add part number B30EP-170-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-170-593-WT 2.4" 2.4" 145
Black Add part number B30EP-170-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-170-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-170-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-170-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-170-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-170-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-170-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-170-593-YL
Rectangular Style Label Color Part Number Dimensions Labels / Roll
Style 177 White Add part number B30EP-177-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-177-593-WT 3.0" 2.5" 145
Black Add part number B30EP-177-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-177-593-BK
Green Add part number B30EP-177-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-177-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-177-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-177-593-YL
Style 174 White Add part number B30EP-174-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-174-593-WT 4.0" 1.0" 340
Black Add part number B30EP-174-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-174-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-174-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-174-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-174-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-174-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-174-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-174-593-YL
Silver Add part number B30EP-174-593-SL to your Quote. B30EP-174-593-SL
Style 176 White Add part number B30EP-176-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-176-593-WT 3.0" 1.0" 340
Black Add part number B30EP-176-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-176-593-BK
Green Add part number B30EP-176-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-176-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-176-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-176-593-YL
Style 175 White Add part number B30EP-175-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-175-593-WT 3.0" 0.75" 435
Black Add part number B30EP-175-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-175-593-BK
Green Add part number B30EP-175-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-175-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-175-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-175-593-YL
Style 173 White Add part number B30EP-173-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-173-593-WT 2.0" 1.0" 340
Black Add part number B30EP-173-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-173-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-173-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-173-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-173-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-173-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-173-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-173-593-YL
Silver Add part number B30EP-173-593-SL to your Quote. B30EP-173-593-SL
Style 172 White Add part number B30EP-172-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-172-593-WT 1.77" 0.59" 510
Black Add part number B30EP-172-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-172-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-172-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-172-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-172-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-172-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-172-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-172-593-YL
Silver Add part number B30EP-172-593-SL to your Quote. B30EP-172-593-SL
Style 171 White Add part number B30EP-171-593-WT to your Quote. B30EP-171-593-WT 1.06" 0.49" 610
Black Add part number B30EP-171-593-BK to your Quote. B30EP-171-593-BK
Red Add part number B30EP-171-593-RD to your Quote. B30EP-171-593-RD
Green Add part number B30EP-171-593-GN to your Quote. B30EP-171-593-GN
Yellow Add part number B30EP-171-593-YL to your Quote. B30EP-171-593-YL
Silver Add part number B30EP-171-593-SL to your Quote. B30EP-171-593-SL