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Brady BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer

Brady BBP31 Sign and Label Printer The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer by Brady!    
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Brady BBP™31 Printer - Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl (B-595)
  • For general facility and safety identification: Brady's best industrial vinyl yet
  • Durable, low-shrink vinyl with Brady's most aggressive adhesive
  • Conforms to irregular, curved, rough, and highly textured surfaces (painted cinder blocks, uneven wood, textured plastics, paper-jacketed pipes, powder-coated surfaces)
  • Adheres to "difficult" low-surface energy items (PVC piping, blow-molded equipment cases, ABS plastics, recycled plastics)
  • Average outdoor durability is 8-10 years
  • Service temperature: -40°F to 180°F; Application temperature: 0°F to 180°F
  Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl
Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl
  • 5S Labels
  • Pipe Markers
  • Safety and Warning Labels
  • Equipment and Panel Labels
  • Arc Flash and Chemical Labels
  • And More!
Label Color Part Number by Tape Size and Color
4" x 100 3" x 100 2.25" x 100
White Add part number B30C-4000-595-WT to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-WT Add part number B30C-3000-595-WT to your Quote. B30C-3000-595-WT Add part number B30C-2250-595-WT to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-WT
Yellow Add part number B30C-4000-595-YL to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-YL Add part number B30C-3000-595-YL to your Quote. B30C-3000-595-YL Add part number B30C-2250-595-YL to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-YL
Red Add part number B30C-4000-595-RD to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-RD   Add part number B30C-2250-595-RD to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-RD
Blue Add part number B30C-4000-595-BL to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-BL   Add part number B30C-2250-595-BL to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-BL
Green Add part number B30C-4000-595-GN to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-GN   Add part number B30C-2250-595-GN to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-GN
Orange Add part number B30C-4000-595-OR to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-OR   Add part number B30C-2250-595-OR to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-OR
Black Add part number B30C-4000-595-BK to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-BK   Add part number B30C-2250-595-BK to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-BK
Brown Add part number B30C-4000-595-BR to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-BR   Add part number B30C-2250-595-BR to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-BR
Gold Add part number B30C-4000-595-GD to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-GD   Add part number B30C-2250-595-GD to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-GD
Gray Add part number B30C-4000-595-GY to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-GY   Add part number B30C-2250-595-GY to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-GY
Purple Add part number B30C-4000-595-PL to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-PL   Add part number B30C-2250-595-PL to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-PL
Clear Add part number B30C-4000-595-CL to your Quote. B30C-4000-595-CL   Add part number B30C-2250-595-CL to your Quote. B30C-2250-595-CL
Color swatches are for reference only - they are not accurate depictions of actual tape color.
Label Color Part Number by Tape Size and Color
1.125" x 100 0.5" x 100
White Add part number B30C-1125-595-WT to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-WT Add part number B30C-500-595-WT to your Quote. B30C-500-595-WT
Yellow Add part number B30C-1125-595-YL to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-YL Add part number B30C-500-595-YL to your Quote. B30C-500-595-YL
Red Add part number B30C-1125-595-RD to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-RD Add part number B30C-500-595-RD to your Quote. B30C-500-595-RD
Blue Add part number B30C-1125-595-BL to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-BL Add part number B30C-500-595-BL to your Quote. B30C-500-595-BL
Green Add part number B30C-1125-595-GN to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-GN Add part number B30C-500-595-GN to your Quote. B30C-500-595-GN
Orange Add part number B30C-1125-595-OR to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-OR Add part number B30C-500-595-OR to your Quote. B30C-500-595-OR
Black Add part number B30C-1125-595-BK to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-BK Add part number B30C-500-595-BK to your Quote. B30C-500-595-BK
Brown Add part number B30C-1125-595-BR to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-BR Add part number B30C-500-595-BR to your Quote. B30C-500-595-BR
Gold Add part number B30C-1125-595-GD to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-GD Add part number B30C-500-595-GD to your Quote. B30C-500-595-GD
Gray Add part number B30C-1125-595-GY to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-GY Add part number B30C-500-595-GY to your Quote. B30C-500-595-GY
Purple Add part number B30C-1125-595-PL to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-PL Add part number B30C-500-595-PL to your Quote. B30C-500-595-PL
Clear Add part number B30C-1125-595-CL to your Quote. B30C-1125-595-CL Add part number B30C-500-595-CL to your Quote. B30C-500-595-CL
Color swatches are for reference only - they are not accurate depictions of actual tape color.