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Brady BBP®31 Sign and Label Printer

Brady BBP31 Sign and Label Printer The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer by Brady!    
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Brady BBP®31 Printer - Pre-Printed Pre-Cut Blank Sign Headers (B-595)
  • For creating multicolor ANSI and OSHA signs in seconds
  • Allows printer to create multicolor signs fast - in a single print pass
  • Headers meet OSHA 1910.145 and ASME/ANSI Z535 standards
  • Indoor/outdoor grade material conforms to rough, irregular and "difficult to adhere to" surfaces
  • Use these supplies with templates in the BBP™31 printer and MarkWare® Software for arc flash labels and safety warning labels
  • Average outdoor durability: 8-10 years
  • Service temperature: -40°F to 180°F; Application temperature: 0°F to 180°F
  Pre-Printed Pre-Cut Blank Sign Headers
Pre-Printed Pre-Cut Blank Sign Headers
Header Legend Part Number by Tape Size and Legend
4" x 6"
175 Labels / Roll
2.25" x 3"
300 Labels / Roll
Caution Header Add part number B30-25-595-ANSICA to your Quote. B30-25-595-ANSICA Add part number B30-241-595-ANSICA to your Quote. B30-241-595-ANSICA
Danger Header Add part number B30-25-595-ANSIDA to your Quote. B30-25-595-ANSIDA Add part number B30-241-595-ANSIDA to your Quote. B30-241-595-ANSIDA
Warning Header Add part number B30-25-595-ANSIWA to your Quote. B30-25-595-ANSIWA Add part number B30-241-595-ANSIWA to your Quote. B30-241-595-ANSIWA
Notice Header Add part number B30-25-595-ANSINO to your Quote. B30-25-595-ANSINO Add part number B30-241-595-ANSINO to your Quote. B30-241-595-ANSINO
Danger Header Add part number B30-25-595-OSHADA to your Quote. B30-25-595-OSHADA Add part number B30-241-595-OSHADA to your Quote. B30-241-595-OSHADA
Caution Header ** Add part number B30-25-595-OSHACA to your Quote. B30-25-595-OSHACA Add part number B30-241-595-OSHACA to your Quote. B30-241-595-OSHACA
Blank White Header
Blank White
Add part number B30-25-595-BLNKWT to your Quote. B30-25-595-BLNKWT Add part number B30-241-595-BLNKWT to your Quote. B30-241-595-BLNKWT
Blank Yellow Header
Blank Yellow
Add part number B30-25-595-BLNKYL to your Quote. B30-25-595-BLNKYL Add part number B30-241-595-BLNKYL to your Quote. B30-241-595-BLNKYL
Header Legend Part Number by Tape Size and Legend
2.25" x 3.85"
250 Labels / Roll
1.125" x 2.85"
300 Labels / Roll
Blank White Header
Blank White
Add part number B30-242-595-BLNKWT to your Quote. B30-242-595-BLNKWT Add part number B30-219-595-BLNKWT to your Quote. B30-219-595-BLNKWT
Pre-sized to fit blank rigid valve tags, but can be used on its own as general purpose label.
Text area below header is yellow. Text area below all other sign headers is white.