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Brady BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer

Brady BBP31 Sign and Label Printer The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer by Brady!    
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Brady BBP™31 Printer - Cold Temperature Application Material (B-549)
  • For identification in temperatures as cold as -40°F
  • Special adhesive permanently adheres to extremely cold surfaces
  • Can be applied in -10°F and lasts in -40°F
  • Ideal for cold storage warehouses, coolers, freezers, and short-term winter outdoor use
  • Average outdoor durability: 1 year
  • Service temperature: -40°F to 212°F; Application temperature: -10°F to 212°F
  Cold Temperature Applications
Cold Temperature Applications
Label Color Part Number by Roll Size and Color
4" x 100 2.25" x 100 1.125" x 100
White Add part number B30C-4000-549-WT to your Quote. B30C-4000-549-WT Add part number B30C-2250-549-WT to your Quote. B30C-2250-549-WT Add part number B30C-1125-549-WT to your Quote. B30C-1125-549-WT
Yellow Add part number B30C-4000-549-YL to your Quote. B30C-4000-549-YL Add part number B30C-2250-549-YL to your Quote. B30C-2250-549-YL Add part number B30C-1125-549-YL to your Quote. B30C-1125-549-YL