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Brady BBP®31 Sign and Label Printer

Brady BBP31 Sign and Label Printer The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer by Brady!    
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Brady BBP®31 Printer - High Temp Metallized Polyester (B-565)
  • B-565 material has a high upper temperature rating
  • Ideal for product rating plates, product warranty labels, and asset identification labels
  • Use ribbon catalog number B30-R4300 with these part numbers
  • Service temperature: -40°F to 230°F; Application temperature: 0°F to 230°F
  High Temp Metallized Polyester
  Metallized Polyester
Label Size Part Number - Silver Metallized Label / Roll
4" x 100 Add part number B30C-4000-565-SL to your Quote. B30C-4000-565-SL Continuous Roll
2.25" x 100 Add part number B30C-2250-565-SL to your Quote. B30C-2250-565-SL Continuous Roll
1.125" x 100 Add part number B30C-1125-565-SL to your Quote. B30C-1125-565-SL Continuous Roll