Weco PCB Terminal Blocks - 930-T Series
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PCB Terminal Blocks - Dovetail Versions
930-T Series
3.5mm (0.138in) Spacing
940-T Series
5.08mm (0.20in) Spacing
950-T Series
5mm (0.197in) Spacing
960-T Series
5.08mm (0.20in) Spacing
970-T Series
5mm (0.197in) Spacing
140-A-111 Series
5mm (0.197in) Spacing
141-A-111 Series
5.08mm (0.20in) Spacing
145-A-111 Series
5mm (0.197in) Spacing
146-A-111 Series
5mm (0.197in) Spacing
150-C-111 Series
5mm (0.197in) Spacing
PCB Terminal Blocks - Mold to Length
Plug-In PCB Connectors
Eurostyle Screw Terminal Strips for Panel Mount
Ceramic Terminal Blocks
Weco PCB Terminal Blocks - 930-T Series
  • Dovetail version
  • Low profile
  • Wire entrance parallel to PC Board
  • Can be factory, field or distributor assembled to almost any length
Technical Data:
Center to Center Spacing: 3.5 mm (0.138 in.)
Nominal Cross Section:  1 mm2 (1550 mils2)
Wire Stripping Length:  6 mm (0.25 in.)
Recommended Hole Diameter in PC Board:  1.2 mm (0.047 in.)
Screw Tightening Torque: UL: 2.0 lbfin
CSA: 0.2 Nm
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage: 2500 V
Weco 930-T Series
Rohs Compliant
RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
Rating Current(A) Voltage(V) Application Group     AWG   
UL UL File No.E69841 10 300 B 26-16
CSA CSA File No.LR24322 10 300 B 26-16
Note: DS version is CSA certified for 26-18 AWG.
Molding: Polyamide, self extinguishing UL 94, V-0, color grey
Temperature limits: Dimensions
Short Time: 140°C (284°F)
Continuous: RTI 105°C (221°F)
Low Limit: -40°C (-40°F)
Comparative Tracking Index: CTI > 600
Oxygen Index Rating: 33%
Terminal Body: Tin plated copper alloy
Wire Protector: Nickel silver
Screw: M2, Slotted head, zinc plated blue passivated, steel substrate
Solder Pin: Ø 0.9 mm (0.035 in.), Tin plated copper alloy
Ordering Information:  
Part Number Number of Poles Description
Add part number 930-T-DS/02 to your Quote. 930-T-DS/02 2 Dovetail PCB Terminal Block with Wire Protectors
Add part number 930-T-DS/03 to your Quote. 930-T-DS/03 3 Dovetail PCB Terminal Block with Wire Protectors