Weco Ceramic & Porcelain Terminal Blocks - DIN-46284-ST Series
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DIN-46284-ST Series
2 and 3 Poles
Type 4010-B / 4011-B
2 and 3 Poles
Type 4002-B / 4003-B
2 and 3 Poles
Type 4001 / 4002
1 and 2 Poles
Weco Ceramic & Porcelain Terminal Blocks - DIN-46284-ST Series
The porcelain molding for these terminal blocks was designed to provide excellent resistance to high temperatures and the ability to allow high current voltage ratings.
The DIN-46284 standard pertains to two- and three-pole appliance terminals with 380V AC and 440V DC. They are supplied with a stainless steel wire protector to prevent damage to stranded wiring. Weco 2-DIN-46284-ST
Weco 3-DIN-46284-ST
  Rohs Compliant
RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
  • Ceramic Terminal Block
  • Medium Duty
  • With Clamping Screws
  • With Mounting Holes
  • Recommended mounting hardware: M4 cheese head screw (#8-32 fillister head screw)
Technical Data:
Center to Center Spacing: 13 mm (0.512 in.)
Nominal Cross Section:  2.5 mm2 (3874 mils2)
Wire Stripping Length:  7 mm (0.28 in.)
Screw Tightening Torque: UL: 4.5 lbfin
CSA: 0.51 Nm
Rating Current(A) Voltage(V) Application Group     AWG   
CSA CSA File No.LR24322 20 300 B,C,D,E 18-12
Molding: Glazed porcelain KER 111, DIN 40685, color white Weco 2-DIN-46284-ST Series Weco 3-DIN-46284-ST
Upper Temperature Limit: 200°C (392°F)
Terminal Body: Nickel plated brass
Wire Protector: Stainless steel
Screw: M3, Zinc plated blue passivated, steel substrate
Ordering Information:  
Part Number - without Wire Protector Part Number -with Wire Protector Number of Poles
Add part number 2-DIN-46284-ST to your Quote. 2-DIN-46284-ST Add part number 2-DIN-46284-ST-HDS to your Quote. 2-DIN-46284-ST-HDS 2
Add part number 3-DIN-46284-ST to your Quote. 3-DIN-46284-ST Add part number 3-DIN-46284-ST-HDS to your Quote. 3-DIN-46284-ST-HDS 3