Weco Eurostyle Terminal Strips - 324-FU-HDS Series
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8mm Spacing
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8mm Spacing
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Standard Version
323-FU-16.5-HDS Series
Raised Base
323-FU-18.5-HDS Series
Raised Base
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324-FU-HDS Series
Raised Base
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Weco Eurostyle Terminal Strips - 324-FU-HDS Series
The panel and chassis mounted series are ideal for connecting electrical control panels to external power sources, signal sources, other electrical panels and electrical loads of many types and sizes. The electrical panels or electrical enclosures internal components and circuitry are connected to their appropriate external electrical circuitry through these terminal blocks.
The screw tightened connections result in high contact forces thus promoting safe wire secureness and retention, low electrical resistance and safe reusable connections. All wire retention screws are captive in their towers and they cannot fall out during transportation, installation and use. Wire protectors are available to protect small gauge stranded wires from screw damage. These terminal strips can be completely enclosed within the enclosures or be placed at an enclosure opening with one side accessible for external cabling and the other for internal wiring. They can be specially marked to your specifications. Weco 324-FU-HDS Series
Raised Base
  • The -FU designation provides a higher profile and therefore higher creepage distances to meet certain VDE design requirements.
  • Raised base version
  • 1-12 Poles
  • Recommended mounting hardware: M3.5 pan head screw (#6-32 pan head screw) or similar sized sheet metal screw, self-tapping screw or rivet.
Rohs Compliant
RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
Technical Data:
Center to Center Spacing: 11.5 mm (0.453 in.)
Nominal Cross Section:  4 mm2 (6199 mils2)
Wire Stripping Length:  7 mm (0.28 in.)
Screw Tightening Torque: UL: 7.0 lbfin
CSA: 0.8 Nm
Rating Current(A) Voltage(V) Application Group     AWG   
UL UL File No.E69841 35 300 B,C 22-8
CSA CSA File No.LR24322 40 300 B,C 22-10
5 600 D,E 22-10
Note: UL CONDITIONAL RATINGS: - Voltage 600 V/ B, C (if mounted on a suitable insulated surface, on standoffs, or equivalent means to maintain spacing from live parts to mounting surface) - Wire range 26-8 AWG for factory wiring only. CSA CONDITIONAL RATINGS: -Wire range 26-10 AWG for version HDS (with wire protector)
Molding: Polyamide, self extinguishing to UL 94, V-2, color off-white
Temperature limits:   Weco 324-FU-HDS Series
Short Time: 140°C (284°F)
Continuous: RTI 105°C (221°F)
Low Limit: -40°C (-40°F)
Comparative Tracking Index: CTI = 600V
Oxygen Index Rating: 25%
Terminal Body: Nickel plated copper alloy
Wire Protector: Stainless steel strip
Screw: M3.5, Slotted head, zinc plated blue passivated, steel substrate
Ordering Information:  
Part Number -with Wire Protector Number of Poles
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/01 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/01 1
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/02 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/02 2
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/03 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/03 3
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/04 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/04 4
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/05 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/05 5
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/06 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/06 6
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/07 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/07 7
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/08 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/08 8
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/09 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/09 9
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/10 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/10 10
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/11 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/11 11
Add part number 324-FU-HDS/12 to your Quote. 324-FU-HDS/12 12