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IEC-309 Pin and Sleeve Devices - North American Ratings
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IEC-309 Pin and Sleeve Devices - International Ratings
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(20 to 100 Amps) North American Ratings
Performance Specs.
(16 to 125 Amps) International Ratings
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IEC 309 Pin & Sleeve Devices - Performance Specifications - International Ratings
Insulation Resistance
Per IEC 309-1, Clause 19
500V for 1 min, Resistance³ 5M1/2
Dielectric Strength
Per IEC 309-1, Clause 19
3000V for 1 min.
Norm. Operation, Connect & Disconnect Cycles
Per IEC 309-1, Clause 21
See Table 1
Braking Capacity
Per IEC 309-1, Clause 20
Tested at 110 of the rated operating voltage and 125% of the rated current.
Temperature Rise
Per IEC 309-1, Clause 22
Maximum 50K rise at full rated current.
Resistance to Arcing Continuation of overload test for an additional 200 cycles.
RoHS and WEEE Compliant
Connect and Disconnect Cycles
Device Rating Amps Cycles with Load Rated Current and Voltage No-Load Cycles Sequence
16 5000 p.f of 0.6 0 -
32 1000 p.f of 0.6 1000 Alternating
63 1000 p.f of 0.6 1000 Alternating
125 250 p.f of 0.7 250 Alternating
The sequence is conducted by using a no-load, followed by a load sequence.
Cable Secureness Test
Device Rating Amps Force (N) Torque (Nm) Maximum Displacement (mm)
16 80 0.350 2
32 100 0.425 2
63 120 0.8 2
125 200 1.5 2
The flexible cord or cable is twisted and pulled. Values for the applied twisting torque and force of pull are shown in Table 2. In all cases the cord displacement is less than 2mm.
Cable Secureness
Per IEC 309, Clause 23
See Table 2
Per IEC 309, Clause 24
A device is wired with a 2.25m length of flexible cord and dropped from a height of 75cm, 8 times. The device is then tested for applicable degrees of protection against moisture.
Flammability Self-extinguishing
Per IEC 309-1, Clause 27
Ambient Temperature Range Minimum: -25°C with impact Maximum: 90°C
Moisture Resistance Watertight (IP67): Device immersed for 24 hours in water at a temp. of 25°C, the highest point of the device being 5cm below the water level.

Splashproof (IP44): Device is sprayed with water for 10 minutes and immediately afterwards subjected to splashing water in all directions 360°
UV Resistance Exposed plastic materials are UV stabalized.
CE RoHS and WEEE Compliant