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IEC 309 Pin & Sleeve Devices - North American Ratings - Back Boxes
Cast Aluminum BACK BOXES for use with Walther straight watertight and splashproof receptacles. Walther Back Box
Epoxy -coated junction boxes are corrosion resistant and designed to pass the 500-hour salt spray test, the UL hosedown and external icing tests.
Walther Back Boxes
Part Number Description Hub Size Dimensions (inches) Cubic Inch Capacity
Add part number BE3-B75 to your Quote. BE3-B75 20° angle for 20A, 4 and 5 wire receptacles and all 30A receptacles ¾" 3.34 0.97 1.12 4.12 4.00 0.25   20.4
Add part number BE3-B100 to your Quote. BE3-B100 1"
Add part number BE6-B125 to your Quote. BE6-B125 20° angle for all 60A receptacles 1¼" 4.41 4.41 1.41 2.09 5.63 5.00 0.28 59.7
Add part number BE6-B150 to your Quote. BE6-B150 1½"
Add part number BE10-B150 to your Quote. BE10-B150 20° angle foe all 100A receptacles 1½" 5.18 1.78 2.50 7.71 5.50 0.34 4.00 96.6
Add part number BE10-B200 to your Quote. BE10-B200 2"
Back Box Dimensions
Back Box adaptor plates for use with Hubbell back boxes
Back Box Adaptor Plates Part Number Walther Receptacle For use with Hubbell Back Box
Add part number BB20-3W to your Quote. BB20-3W 20A, 3 Wire BB201W, BB301W, FT202W or FT302W
Add part number BB20-345W to your Quote. BB20-345W 20A, 4 & 5 Wire
30A, 3,4, & 5 Wire
BB201W, BB301W, FT202W, or FT302W
Add part number BB60-345W to your Quote. BB60-345W 60A, 3,4, & 5 Wire BB601W, BB602W or FW60/100
Add part number BB100-345W to your Quote. BB100-345W 100A, 3,4, & 5 Wire BB1001W, BB1002W or FW60/100