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Qualtek DC/DC Insulated Module Power Supplies - QPDS15-48S (15 Watts - Single Output)

Open Frame Switching Power Supplies with Power Factor Correction - QPDS10-48S (15 Watts - Single Output)
  • Approved to IEC/EN60950, UL60950 Safety Standards
  • Wide Input Voltage: 36VDC - 75VDC
  • Single Outputs: 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC
  • Remote Control
  • No Minimum Load Requirement
Qualtek QPDS15-48S
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Part Number QPDS15-48S3V3 Add part number QPDS15-48S05 to your Quote. QPDS15-48S05 Add part number QPDS15-48S12 to your Quote. QPDS15-48S12 Add part number QPDS15-48S15 to your Quote. QPDS15-48S15
Output Charateristics
DC Output 3.3V 5V 12V 15V
Rated Current 3.5A 3A 1.25A 1A
Current Range 0~3.5S 0~3A 0~1.25A 0~1A
Efficiency (Typical) 78% 82% 84% 85%
Ripple and Noise (max) 60mVpp
Voltage Accuracy ±1.0%
Line Regulation (max) 10mV
Load Regulation (max) 25mV
Temperature Coefficient ±0.02%/°C
Input Characteristics
Voltage Range 36VDC~75VDC
Normal Voltage 48VDC
Under-Voltage Shutdown 32VDC~34VDC
Remote Control
Control Voltage Positive Logic HIGH=ON (3.5VDC to 12VDC) ; LOW=OFF (-0.7VDC to 0.6VDC)
Control Current Positive Logic 2mA max.
Over Current Continuous, auto recovery (3.3V, 5V)
Short Curcuit >120% output current, auto recovery (3.3V, 5V)
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Ambient Temperature -40°C~55°C
Operating Case Temperature -40°C~100°C
Storage Temperature -55°C~125°C
Safety Standards IEC/EN60950, UL60950
Isolation Voltage (one minute) Input-Output: 1500VDC; Input-Case: 1500VDC; Output-Case: 1500VDC
General Characteristics
MTBF More than 2,000,000Hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 41.9 x 37.1 x 10.16mm (1.65 x 1.46 x 0.4in)