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TLS PC Link Printer

Introducing the newest member of the TLS2200 ® printer family, the TLS PC Link™ Thermal Labeling System offers a rugged, small and lightweight desktop/portable solution. The printer provides capabilities such as thermal transfer printing, bar coding, and multiple material configurations. The TLS PC Link printer utilizes all of the available TLS2200® printer materials and ribbons, and also runs the latest bulk rolls of material as well. The included Windows™ drivers allow the unit to print labels from both  LabelMark™ (included with TLS PC Link) and Codesoft software, or any Windows™ software application available. In addition, the printer has its own printer control language, allowing the unit to be integrated with a piece of equipment and precisely printing labels wherever and whenever they are needed. The firmware is upgradeable through the mini-Din serial jack, and the unit operates off AC power or the included rechargeable battery.

The TLS PC Link™ printer includes the following:
  • LabelMark Labeling Software
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Power supply/battery charger
  • R6210 ribbon
  • Sample labels PTL-19-423
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manuals
  • Communications cable
  • Windows drivers
The TLS PC Link™ printer has the following specifications:
  • Weight 2.50 lbs (1.25 kg)
  • Thermal transfer print mechanism 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Custom true type font
  • Labels up to 2" wide (50.8mm)
  • Print width 1.81" (46mm)
  • Print length up to 6" (304.8mm)
  • Operating temperature range: 40 o F - 120 o F (4 o C - 49 o C)
  • UL and CUL listed AC adapter/battery charger - 120V/60hz input 12VDC 3000ma output
  • FCC Class A approved
  • Prints over 500 labels between battery charges
  • Adjustable for 6 different widths of labels
  • Built-in industrial label cutter
  • 6 month warranty
The TLS PC Link ™ printer has the following features and Benefits:
Features Benefits
Includes LabelMark™ Labeling Software... Import graphics such as company logos, create templates for rating plate labels, print barcode symbologies, and import label lists using ASCII and ODBC data import capabilities.
Desktop or portable versatility... The TLS PC Link can be used as a desktop or portable printer as follows:
Desktop (when the printer is connected to a PC, and the AC power supply is used): The TLS PC Link comes standard with an AC power supply, LabelMark Labeling Software, and Windows printer drivers allowing it to be used as a typical thermal transfer desktop printer.
Portable (when the printer is connected to a hand-held piece of equipment, and the rechargeable battery pack and belt carrying-strap are used): The TLS PC Link comes standard with a rechargeable battery pack and belt carrying strap. The portable nature truly makes it unique from other printers that are currently available.
Easy to Integrate... The printer can be integrated with a variety of software and equipment including Windows-Based Applications such as Microsoft Word, LabelMark Labeling Software and Codesoft. It can also be integrated with computer-controlled equipment such as Windows Based Portable Data Terminals (PDTs) and Law Enforcement Equipment (Evidence ID Printing). The printer can also be used with Hand-Held Equipment (not running on Windows) such as wire testers, electrical meters and medical devices.
Easy to Use... No Calibration Required: Bradys patented Smart Cell Technology automatically identifies label size and printer settings. The end user is not required to set up the printer. Reduces time and material waste.
Built-in Industrial Cutter: The printer comes standard with a built-in industrial cutter, rather than a tear-bar. Labels automatically re-register.
Quick Change Ribbon Cartridges and Materials: Replace ribbons and materials in seconds.
Upgradeable Firmware: The printer firmware is upgradeable for FREE from Brady. End users do not have to dissemble the printer or have it sent back to Brady.
Three Button Operation and LED Status Indicator: The printer is controlled by three buttons, consisting of power, feed and function. The LED indicator changes colors based on the status of the printer.
Built-in Programming Language... Brady Programming Language BPL provides a communication language where the end-user can create their own programs and send controls down to the printer for printing labels. The language allows the printer to be integrated with non-Windows based equipment.
Easy to integrate for a complete ID solution... Tools included for integration include LabelMark Labeling Software, Windows drivers, BPL programmers guide, communications cable, and belt-carrying strap.
On-board battery charging circuitry... The AC power supply charges the battery, so there is no need to purchase an external charger.