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Brady ID Pal Portable Label Printer TLS2200 Printer System TLS PC Link Thermal Printing System
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TLS2200 Quickstart Guide
Step 1. Charge the Battery
  • Charge the battery pack for a minimum of 5 hours before initial use.
TLS2200 Quickstart Guide
Step 2. Install the Battery
  • Turn the battery power switch to the off (O) position.
  • Slide the battery release lever to the unlock position (slide to left).
  • Drop the battery in as shown and slide forward.
  • Slide the battery release lever to the lock position (slide to right).
Step 4. Select Your Marker and Ribbon
  • Refer to the chart in the Users Guide to select the correct marker and ribbon for your task.
Step 5. Install the Ribbon Cartridge
  • Remove cartridge from the bag. Avoid touching or creasing the ribbon.
  • Remove any ribbon slack by rotating take-up spool end counter-clockwise.
  • Slide ribbon cartridge firmly into printer. (Locking lever must be in unlock position see below.)
  • Push the locking lever toward the back of the printer to close the print head and lock the ribbon cartridge in place.
Ribbon cartridge and locking lever
Step 6. Remove/Install Marker Roll
To remove a marker roll:
  • Cut off printed labels with the cutter lever.
  • Open the roll door.
  • Slide the locking lever to the unlock position.
  • Back the markers out of the material guide slots.
  • Pull the marker roll out of its cradle.
To install a marker roll:
  • Slide the locking lever to the lock position.
  • Turn the power switch on.
  • Open the roll door.
  • Pressing the guide plate lever down, slide and snap it into a notch that matches your marker roll width.
  • Making sure labels unwind from the top, snap the marker roll firmly into cradle.
  • Press <Enter> to clear the “ERROR No Label Present” message.
  • Feed leading edge of marker roll through the guide slots.
  • Press <Feed>. (Continue to manually push marker roll edge until it catches.)
  • Close the roll door.
Step 7. Create and Print a Label
The status bar will be on the first line of the display. Refer to the Users Guide for further information on each heading.
display sample
  • Type text. Refer to the User’s Guide for guidelines on typing and editing text.
  • Press <Print> on the keypad to print your label.
  • To turn off the printer, turn the battery power switch to the off (O) position.