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Brady TLS2200 Tedlar® PCB & Component Id

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TLS2200 & TLSPC Tedlar® PCB & Component Id
Label Materials
B-437Flame-Retardant White Tedlar®
Tedlar® is aregistered trademark of DuPont
Dimensional Drawing
Material Through HoleTechnology Top Through HoleTechnology Bottom Surface MountTop or Bottom After Process
B-426, B-457,
B-477, B-478,
Yes Yes Yes Yes
B-422, B-423,
B-428, B-430,
B-437, B-459,
B-473, B-498
Yes No No Yes
B-495 Yes No Yes Yes
In Extreme High Temperatures,testing of these materials is recommended.
Tedlar® PCB & Component Id PDF CatalogPage
Part Number Dim Dwg Dim A (in) Dim B (in) Labels / Roll
Add part number PTL-9-437 to your Quote. PTL-9-437 0.650 0.200 750
Add part number PTL-10-437 to your Quote. PTL-10-437 0.750 0.250 750
Add part number PTL-15-437 to your Quote. PTL-15-437 1.000 0.275 750
Add part number PTL-29-437 to your Quote. PTL-29-437 1.500 0.500 500