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TLS2200 Printing Labels Guide
The following tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to create, save, recall and print a list of labels on the TLS2200® printer.

Step 1. Load your TLS2200 Thermal Transfer Printer.
  • Make sure your TLS2200® printer has a charged battery and is turned on. (Refer to the TLS2200® Quick Start Guide Steps 1 through 3.)
  • Insert your ribbon (R6010 or R6210) and slide locking lever right to lock.
    TLS2200 Locking Lever
  • Drop in your marker roll -- for this demo use part number PTL-19-423.
    Drop in marker roll.
Step 2. Create and Save your list of labels.
  • Go to the Setup Menu by simultaneously pressing <Func>+<Setup>.
  • Press the key three times to access the Style menu, then press <Enter>.
  • Use the and keys to set the following options (press <Enter> after setting each option):

    Rotation and Justification
  • Press <Func>+<Exit> to return to the Text Editor screen.
  • Press <List>.
  • Press the key once to select Create, then press <Enter>.
  • When "Enter List Name" prompt appears, enter MYLIST, then press <Enter>.
  • When "Enter Part No." prompt appears, enter PTL-19-423, then press <Enter>.
  • Press <Shift> + <Form Clear> to delete all lines of text and reset the font to the default value of 9.
  • Enter EASY on line one.
  • Press <Func>+<Save>. The Text Editor screen displays:
    Mylist - 1 of 1
  • Press <Shift>+<Legend Clear>.
  • Enter TO on line one.
  • Press <Func>+<Save>.
  • Press <Shift>+<Legend Clear>.
  • Enter USE on line one.
  • Press <Func>+<Save>.
  • Turn the battery power switch off.
Step 3. Recall your List.
  • Turn the battery power switch on.
  • Press <List>.
  • With the cursor on Select, press <Enter>.
  • Use the and keys to select MYLIST, then press <Enter>. The part number appears, followed by the Text Editor screen:
    Use Part No. PTL-19-423TLS2200 screen
Step 4. Print your List.
  • Press <List>.
  • Press the key twice to select Print, then press <Enter>.
  • When the "No. of Copies?" prompt appears, enter 1, then press <Enter>.