Brady - Lockout Tagout

Brady Lockout/Tagout Training & Awareness Aids
Training Program Kit
Training Kit
--Train employees to protect themselves and others during machine servicing and maintenance. This program shows how to recognize all potential hazards and handle them safely.
--Live action 13 minute, full color VHS video
--Instructors guidebook with quizzes, 24 pages
--10 employee handbooks
--10 certificate of completion wallet cards
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Add part number 99673 to your Quote. 99673 Complete Kit
Add part number 99674 to your Quote. 99674 Additional handbooks
Add part number 99675 to your Quote. 99675 Additonal wallet cards
Lockout For Life Video
Video: Lockout For Life
--Learn from other workers tragic mistakes. This motivational video presents six real-life dramatizations of actual lockout accidents and analyzes how they could have been prevented
--Suitable for new and experienced employees
--Comes complete with 10 accompanying booklets
--Run time: 19 minutes (VHS video format)
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Add part number 66255 to your Quote. 66255 Lockout For Life video (includes 10 booklets)
Add part number 51544 to your Quote. 51544 Lockout For Life video (Spanish)
65812 Additional booklets (10/pkg.)
LOTO for Authorized & Affected Personnel
LOTO for Authorized & Affected Personnel
--Provides a comprehensive introduction to the key components of an effective LOTO program
--Comes with reproducible quiz and certificate
--Run time: 17 minutes (VHS video format)
--Spanish language video also available (quiz and certificate in English only)
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Add part number 51454 to your Quote. 51454 LOTO For Authorized & Affected Personnel (English)
Add part number 51455 to your Quote. 51455 LOTO For Authorized & Affected Personnel (Spanish)
Lockout/Tagout Handbook
--16-page training booklet with quiz instructs workers how to protect themselves from hazardous energy
Part Number Description
Add part number 66219 to your Quote. 66219 Lockout/Tagout Handbook
Add part number 63004 to your Quote. 63004 Spanish-language Handbook
PRINZING Lockout Safety Training Booklet
Training Booklet
--16-page training booklet covers the basics of lockout/tagout safety
Part Number Description
Add part number 2112 to your Quote. 2112 Lockout Safety
Add part number 2112SP to your Quote. 2112SP Spanish-language version
PRINZING Wallet Safety Cards
Wallet Card
--Wallet size card contains important reminders for lockout safety
--Available in English or English/Spanish
Part Number Description
Add part number LOSC13 to your Quote. LOSC13 English Wallet Card
Add part number LOSC13BI to your Quote. LOSC13BI English/Spanish Wallet Card
PRINZING Lockout Safety Poster
Safety Poster
--Training poster reinforces your energy control program
--18"h x 24"w, laminated on both sides
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Add part number LOSP8 to your Quote. LOSP8 Lockout Safety Poster
Add part number LOSP8SP to your Quote. LOSP8SP Spanish-language version
Hard Hat Labels
Hard Hat Labels
--Made of B-946 indoor/outdoor vinyl
--Size: 2" diameter
--Four labels per card
Part Number Description
Add part number 42248 to your Quote. 42248 Hard Hat Label - Lockout/Tagout Trained
Add part number 50193 to your Quote. 50193 Hard Hat Label - Lockout/Tagout Authorized
--Those who will perform servicing or maintenance (authorized employees) must be trained to:
--Recognize hazardous energy sources and understand the energy type and magnitude
--Identify and properly operate the applicable energy-isolating devices
--Safely apply and remove lockout/tagout devices
--Those who operate the machinery or work in the area where LO/TO is performed (affected employees) must be trained to:
--Recognize when lockout/tagout activities are in progress
--Understand the purpose of the energy control program and the importance of not tampering with lockout/tagout devices when encountered in the workplace
--Additional training is required when using tagout instead of lockout. See Section (C)(7)(ii) in the 1910.147 standard
--Employers must document when training took place, who attended, and the topics covered.
--Employees must be retrained under the following situations:
--Employee assigned to new job
--Change made to energy control policies or procedures
--Machinery installed or modified, presenting a new hazard
--Whenever the employer has reason to believe that there are problems with the employee’s understanding or use of the procedures
--Authorized employees must undergo an annual review to ensure they fully understand their responsibilities under the program