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Brady Lockout/Tagout Electrical Tools and Testers
Fuse Puller w/ Testlite & Safe-T-Grip®
Wall Switch Lockouts
Fuse Puller w/ Testlite
--Handy pocket sized tool provides maximum safety when pulling cartridge fuses or checking electrical connections
--One end is a fuse puller, opposite end has test prods that fit both parallel and tandem slot receptacles
--use on fuses up to 100A/250V and 60A/600V
Safe-T-Grip® Fuse Pullers
--Provides maximum convenience when removing or replacing cartrige fuses
--Notched handles for no-slip grip
--Clearly marked amperage ranges
--Exceeds MIL specs
P/N Description
Add part number 65279 to your Quote. 65279 Small STG for 9/32"-1/2" fuses - 5" long
Add part number 65280 to your Quote. 65280 Large STG for 0-100A, 250V & 600V fuses - 7.5" long
Add part number 65281 to your Quote. 65281 Fuse Puller w/ Testlite - 8" long
AC Sensor
AC Sensor
--Selected by OSHA Elecrical Technical Equipment Committee as the only instrument of its type for use by OSHA compliance officers to identify and cite electrical hazards of 50V or more
--Uses AAA battery
P/N Description
Add part number 65269 to your Quote. 65269 AC Sensor
Powr-Glo™ Pocket Tester
Powr-Glo Pocket Tester
--Checks voltage from 70 to 440 AC without contact on electrical lines
--Unique sensor locates breaks along live, insulated wires and power cords; checks for energized AC circuits; distinguishes polarity; and detects leaks in ungrounded devices
--Powered by 1.5v alkaline batteries
P/N Description
Add part number 65271 to your Quote. 65271 Powr-Glo™ Pocket Tester
E-Z Check® Plus GFI Circuit Tester
E-Z CheckĀ® Plus GFI Circuit Tester
Checks for the following conditions:
--Correct wiring
--Open ground
--Reverse polarity
--Open hot
--Open neutral
--Hot on neutral
--Hot and ground reversed with open hot
--Ground fault interruption
P/N Description
Add part number 65273 to your Quote. 65273 E-Z Check® Plus GFI Circuit Tester
GFCI Extension Cable
GFCI Extension Cable
--UL, CUL approved
--125V / 15A
--NEMA 5-15P & R
--9", SJTW, 12/3 AWG cord
P/N Description
Add part number ES14380 to your Quote. ES14380 GFCI Extension Cable