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Brady Lockout/Tagout Lockout PRO™
Lockout PRO Software
1--Small, lightweight laminator works without electricity, heat or messy chemicals. Accommodates single or double-sided lamination of documents up to 8 inches wide.
2--Compact Olympus® digital camera featuring a 3.2-megapixel CCD and 3x optical/10x seamless digital zoom lens.
Part Number Description
Add part number 65918 to your Quote. 65918 Lockout Pro software
Add part number 58981 to your Quote. 58981 Lockout Pro, BLS850 laminator1
Add part number 90843 to your Quote. 90843 Lockout Pro, D-560 digital camera2
Add part number 58982 to your Quote. 58982 Lockout Pro, laminator and camera
Add part number 58977 to your Quote. 58977 Lockout Pro Viewer3
Add part number 58978 to your Quote. 58978 Lockout Pro for Pocket PC4
Add part number 58975 to your Quote. 58975 Enterprise - Basic License
Add part number 58979 to your Quote. 58979 Enterprise - Additional administrator (adds 1 administrator to Basic License)
Add part number 65919 to your Quote. 65919 Enterprise - Server License
Add part number 58976 to your Quote. 58976 Enterprise - Corporate License
3--Allows users to view and print Lockout Pro procedures, tags and labels, but not create or edit the procedures.
4--Data collection utility that allows procedures to be created on a handheld device running Microsoft’s Pocket PC operating system. Used in conjunction with Lockout PRO™ or Lockout PRO™ Enterprise.
Software Computer Requirements
--Windows NT4.0, 98se, ME, 2000 and XP operating systems
--Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
--Processor: 486 / 66 MHz (Pentium recommended)
--Disk space: 90 MB
--Screen resolution: 800 x 600 minimum (1024 x 768 preferred)
Lockout PRO™ Output Options
--Print procedures to plain paper using conventional inkjet/laser printers. (See holders and binders on page 9 for posting procedures at the point of use).
--For greater durability, print procedures, tags and energy source labels using Brady’s GlobalMarkTM Industrial Labeling System. Energy source labels can also be printed to Brady’s Add part number HANDIMARK to your Quote. HandiMark Portable Label Maker.
Lockout PRO™ Enterprise
--Lockout PRO™ software for use on a server-based network
--Supports multi-user collaborative procedure management
--Allows employees to view and print procedures from a web browser
--Has built-in lockout activity tracking feature
--Provides online training and tracks trainees’ results
--Allows users to save and access lockout procedures created in other programs
--Procedures can be created offline for automatic uploading when connected to the network
Enterprise License Options
--Basic license: Installs on a single server. Limited to 3 administrators who can create and edit procedures. Anyone with access to the server can view and print procedures.
--Server license: Installs on a single server. Unlimited administrators. Anyone with access to the server can view and print procedures.
--Corporate license: Installs on multiple servers. Unlimited administrators. Anyone with access to the server can view and print procedures.