Brady - Lockout Tagout

Brady Lockout/Tagout 4 Step Plan
STEP 1: Create energy control policy and procedures
--This is one of the most critical – and overlooked – components of a LO/TO program!
--Lockout PRO™ software helps you create a complete energy control policy and easy-to-follow, graphical lockout procedures!
--Ideas on how to keep your procedures readily accessible to authorized employees.
STEP 2: Identify all energy control points
--Reduce the time it takes to perform lockout and avoid isolating the wrong energy sources by identifying all control points
--These are some solutions for labeling or tagging valves, switches, breakers, etc.
STEP 3: Equip employees with the proper lockout tools and warning devices
--Brady has OSHA-compliant locks, tags and lockout devices to cover every application.
--It is equally important to ensure that lockout tools are properly stored and readily accessible to those who need them. Lockout kits and stations do just that, and can be found in the Cases, Kits & Stations section.
--Make sure other employees are aware when LO/TO activity is in progress. Check out some of these warning signs and barricades.
STEP 4: Train employees and promote awareness of safe work practices
--OSHA requires that employees be trained in accordance with their specific roles and responsibilities.
--Check out the information on training requirements, as well as on training videos, posters and other instructional aids.