Weidmuller CrimpingTools for Wire End Ferrules

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Weidmuller Crimping Tools for Wire End Ferrules - PZ 50
PZ 50
  • For wire-end ferrules with and without plastic collars
  • Ratchet for precise crimping
  • Release option in the event of incorrect operation
  • Crimp complies with Euro-Norm EN 60947-1
  • Approval according to VG 95211 (military designation VG 95 236 T 14 B 002)
  • Three crimping stations corresponding to the conductor cross-sections
  • Wire end ferrule insertion from the side
PZ 50
PZ 50 Crimp
Type PZ 50
Order Part Number Add part number 9006450000 to your Quote. 9006450000
Description of Contact
Type of contact Wire-end ferrules with or without plastic collars
Crimping range (mm²) 25...50
Crimping Range 1 (mm²) 25
(~4 AWG)
Crimping Range 2 (mm²) 35
(~2 AWG)
Crimping Range 3 (mm²) 50
(~1 AWG)
Tool Data
Length (mm) 250
Weight (g) 730