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Weidmuller Cutting Tools - Hydraulic Hole Puncher
The IP protection classes for housings, cable glands, heavy-duty connectors and industrial Ethernet connectors can only be maintained under two conditions: the sheet metal must not be bent during the punching process and the size of the punched-out holes must correspond precisely with the specifications. The IE-KO-HAT hydraulic sheet metal hole puncher, together with its accessories, guarantees you the highest quality workmanship available. It ensures that the connector fits precisely with the punched-out holes so that you can fulfill the proper IP protection class requirements.
  • Pressure-relief valve protects against overload
  • Cylinder head angled 90°
  • Angled head, 360° turnable
  • Ergonomic handle springs back by itself
  • Waste pieces no longer become jammed thanks to the three-way splitting
  • Hydraulic punch made from high-strength aluminium (approx. 40 % weight savings)
IE-KO-HAT Hydraulic Hole Puncher
The hydraulic hole puncher punches out precise goles for accommodating metric and PG cable glands.   Automatic center punching at the drill points when punching out holes for heavy-duty connectors.   Punching out holes for a variety of industrial Ethernet connectors.
Technical Data
Tool Data
Order Part Number Add part number 1966810000 to your Quote. 1966810000
Length / Width / Height (mm) 290 / 120 / 70
Weight (kg) 1.9
Punching Force (kN) 75
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 650
Included Accessories 1 hydraulic screw dia. 19.0 mm
1 hydraulic screw dia. 19 x 9.5 mm
1 HSS pre-drill dia. 10mm
1 spacer nut set (3 part)
1 bridge
Maximum Steel-Sheet Punching Performance
Round holes up to dia. 85 mm 2.0 mm F = 370 N/mm²
Round holes up to dia. 64 mm 3.0 mm F = 370 N/mm²
Square holes up to 68 x 68 mm 2.0 mm F = 370 N/mm²
Rectangular holes up to 36 x 112 mm 2.0 mm F = 370 N/mm²
Maximum Steel-Sheet Punching Performance
Round holes up to dia. 64 mm 2.5 mm F = 600 N/mm²
Accessories Order Number
KOHS 19 hydraulic screw 9205010000
KOHS 9 5/19 hydraulic screw 9205000000
KOPD 10.0 Pre-drill 9205020000
Round Splitting Stamps
For Cable
Gland Size
(dia.) mm
Order # Tension Screw
dia. x l in mm
Order # Hydraulic Screw
(tension bolt)
dia. in mm
Order #
M16 16.2 9204880000 9.5 x 50 9205030000 19 x 9.5 9205000000
M20 20.4 9204950000
M25 25.4 9204900000
M32 32.5 9204910000 19.0 x 55 9205040000 19 9205010000
M40 40.5 9204920000 19.0 x 75 9204780000
PG9 15.2 9204930000 9.5 x 50 9205030000 19 x 19.5 9205000000
PG11 18.6 9204940000
PG13 20.4 9204950000
PG16 22.5 9204960000
PG21 28.3 9204970000
PG29 37.0 9204980000 19.0 x 55 9205040000 19 9205010000
PG36 47.0 9204990000 19.0 x 75 9204780000
Note: Hydraulic screw included in the IE-KO-HAT set. Tension screws only used for manual operation.
Rectangular Splitting Stamps
  Description Dimensions
Size Order Number
Rectangular splitting stamps for heavy-duty connectors
Rectangular Stamps for HD Connectors For 6-pole HD connectors 52.0 x 36 3 Add part number 9204820000 to your Quote. 9204820000
For 10-pole HD connectors 65.0 x 36 4 Add part number 9204830000 to your Quote. 9204830000
For 16-pole HD connectors 86.0 x 36 6 Add part number 9204850000 to your Quote. 9204850000
For 16-pole HD connectors 91.0 x 36   Add part number 9204860000 to your Quote. 9204860000
For 24-pole HD connectors 112.0 x 36 8 Add part number 9204870000 to your Quote. 9204870000
Rectangular splitting stamps for switches
Rectangular Stamp for Switches For Switches 46.0 x 46.0   9204810000
For Switches 68.0 x 68.0   9204840000
Custom Stamps for Industrial Ethernet Connections
Custom Stamps Custom shape for Bajonet 01 metal dia. 27mm x single-sided 25.9mm   Add part number 1966780000 to your Quote. 1966780000
Custom shape for Push Pull VO4 plastic dia. 23.2mm x double-sided 20.2mm   Add part number 1966790000 to your Quote. 1966790000
Custom shape for RockStar® VO5 metal 22.0 x 22.0   Add part number 9204790000 to your Quote. 9204790000