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Interface Module - SAI Cable
  Application Suggestion
Analog, or shielded signals; low cost alternative for standard appl.
Analog, shielded or weld-field immune signals, high heat
Easy Modular Installation, Machine components with separate installations
High Heat, High Impact Area, non-shielded
Inexpensive, Modular Quick Disconnect System
Low Profile, Easy Installation, Standard Sensor Appl.
Low Profile, Small Spaces, Easy Installation & Maintenance
Lowest Profile, Inexpensive Quick Disconnect System
Modular, Standard Sensor or Actuator Appl.
PA-T Connector, EEx(ia)
PA-T Connector, EMC Cable Glands
PA-T Connector, Overvoltage protection
PA-T Connector, Standard
Profibus DP Mounting Hood, Order UT Base Separately
SAI Accessories
Self- Assembly Quick Connectors
Sensor cables
Small Spaces, Easy Installation & Maintenance
Small Spaces, Modular Installation & Maintenance
Special Applications
T- distributor EEx(ia) (Hot Swappable)
T- distributor EMV (Hot Swappable)
Choice: Base unit only for Bus Active Hood or Passive Hood prewired up to 10M
T- distributor M12 EMV (Hot Swappable)
Large Diameter Trunk Cable, 90° and 180° Cable Exit