Sealcon Corrugated Conduits - Nylon / Polyester

Sealcon Corrugated Conduits - Nylon/Modified Polyester Elastomer
Pressure Rating: Operating Temperature: Materials: Approvals
Liquid tight per NEMA 4x (IP 65) Nylon 6:
-40°F to 230°F
(-40°C to 110°C)
Modified Polyester Elastomer:
-58°F to 266°F
(-50°C to 130°C)
Standard Conduit:
Nylon 6
Super Flex Conduit:
Modified Polyester Elastomer
Technical Information

P/N Standard P/N Super Flex Fits
(ID x OD)
Fit Turn To Seal Fittings
Nylon Mod. Polyester Elas.   Feet Inches mm Straight & Elbow
Add part number SM-0811-BK to your Quote. SM-0811-BK -- 8 164 .33 x .44 8.5 x 11.2 PG 7 , 1/4"NPT
Add part number SM-1013-BK to your Quote. SM-1013-BK Add part number SM-1013-HY to your Quote. SM-1013-HY 10 164 .39 x .51 10.0 x 13.0 PG 9
Add part number SM-1216-BK to your Quote. SM-1216-BK Add part number SM-1216-HY to your Quote. SM-1216-HY 12 164 .47 x .61 12.0 x 15.5 PG 11, 3/8"NPT
Add part number SM-1419-BK to your Quote. SM-1419-BK -- 14 164 .55 x .73 14.0 x 18.5 PG 13.5
Add part number SM-1721-BK to your Quote. SM-1721-BK Add part number SM-1721-HY to your Quote. SM-1721-HY 17 164 .65 x .83 16.5 x 21.0 PG 16, 1/2"NPT
Add part number SM-2328-BK to your Quote. SM-2328-BK Add part number SM-2328-HY to your Quote. SM-2328-HY 23 164 .89 x 1.12 22.5 x 28.5 PG 21, 3/4"NPT
Add part number SM-2934-BK to your Quote. SM-2934-BK Add part number SM-2934-HY to your Quote. SM-2934-HY 29 82 1.12 x 1.36 28.5 x 34.5 PG 29, 1"NPT
Add part number SM-3642-BK to your Quote. SM-3642-BK Add part number SM-3642-HY to your Quote. SM-3642-HY 37 82 1.42 x 1.65 36.0 x 42.0 PG 36
Add part number SM-4854-BK to your Quote. SM-4854-BK Add part number SM-4854-HY to your Quote. SM-4854-HY 50 82 1.87 x 2.13 47.5 x 54.0 PG 48

Standard Corrugated Conduit:
These are made of flame retardant Nylon. The conduit is suitable for fixed and moderate flexing installations.
Super Flex Conduit:
These are made of a special plastic blend, greatly increasing the flex-life of the conduit. It is the perfect solution for drag chain and robotics applications, with high cycle life expectancy, UV and impact resistant at low temperatures, tough and abrasion resistant. Size 8 & 14 is not available in this material.

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