Pfannenberg DTS Series A/C Cooling Units
Pfannenberg DTS Series A/C Cooling Units
Thermal Management and Process Cooling of Electrical Enclosures
DTS Cooling Units - The proven industry standard:
Pfannenberg DTS Series Cooling Units Innovative Technology
  • Condenser with 3 mm fin spacing, highly effective protection against strongly contaminated ambient air
  • Large distance between intake and exhaust vents, safe circulation within the electrical enclosure due to long passage of air, therefore hot spots are eliminated
  • Standard controller allows for quick set up and error reporting to customer
Ease of Service and Mounting
  • Easy access to fans and electronics for quick changes in the field
Pfannenberg DTS Series Cooling Units High Variability
  • Integrated condensate evaporation system
  • Coated condensers and pipes standard for all outdoor and washdown NEMA units
  • High pressure switches to protect compressors are standard on ALL Pfannenberg Cooling Units
  • Integrated Cooling System©: one mounting cut-out for 5 different performances
Conforms to International Standards
  • Global approval such as CE, UL, cUL, some GOST for Russia and CSA for Canada
  • DTS Cooling Units up to protection class NEMA 4/4X
Indoor NEMA Type 12 Side Mount Cooling Units
Pfannenberg strives to provide a relatively maintenance-free design for our customers. All our designs have additional options including:
  • Filter Kits Option- for special applications like wood and machine tool that need an external filter to prevent clogging of the condenser core.
  • Corrosion Resistant Option - for special applications which require a coated condenser and copper piping, such as PVC pipe manufacturing or other indoor corrosive applications.
  • Voltage Options - Many of our cooling units have been designed for both 50/60 Hz applications as well as 400 or 460 V operations with a simple jumper change in the e-box.
Wide Condenser Fin Spacing  
Wide Condenser Fin Spacing
This filter-free design also reduces the amount of maintenance required by the customer. A quick cleaning of the condenser is required less frequently verses the competition's models, while capacity is not compromised by easy clogging of the condenser core.
Backward Curved Impeller Fans  
Rugged, Long-lasting Backward Curved Impeller Fans
Utilizing this type of fan, our cooling units can go twice as long before needing service verses a typical blower style fan that has smaller, low-cost and high maintenance bearings.
Proper Long Internal Air Flow Paths Proper Long Internal Air Flow Paths
The backward curve fan also has a natural right angle air path that allows our cooling units to capture hot air from the top of the electrical cabinet and deposit cool, dry air to the bottom of the cabinet and underneath critical components on the panel.
Hermetically Sealed Refrigeration Circuit  
Hermetically Sealed Refrigeration Circuit
Utilizing a maintenance free design, Pfannenberg implements a hermetically sealed design that eliminates gasketed valves and the leak source for many other A/C unit designs. Therefore, our cooling units do not need annual maintenance to determine if the unit is properly charged with R134a refrigerant.
Standard Control Board  
Standard Control Board
Controlling temperature and alarm setting via dip-switches, preventing airflow short cycling, high pressure switch alarm, on/off control of compressor with built-in delay timer and a LED lamp with four different flashing sequences. The control board is located in inner air circuit for protection from heat and dirt.