Pfannenberg 4th Generation Filterfans® & Exhaust Filters
Pfannenberg Filterfans® 4.0™ Overview
Otto Pfannenberg’s invention of the Filterfan® in 1958 was a milestone in the area of industrial thermal management. Today Pfannenberg provides a wide range of different solutions for industrial thermal management and is thus one of the few specialists that can provide the appropriate devices for virtually all industrial requirements – worldwide.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption - More air, less power consumption
  • NEMA Type Protection - Closed frame prevents unfiltered air from penetrating
  • Patented Tool-less 4 Corner Fastening System - Possible to install in seconds
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design Using Neutral Colors - Perfect harmony of colors with modern machines and plants (black is optional)
  • Highest System Airflow in Industry - Via optimized louvers
  • 300% Longer Service Time Via Patented Fluted Filter Mat - This saves time and money
Pfannenberg Filterfans
Pfannenberg PF 22000 Filterfans
Performance, Installation & Maintenance - YOUR ADVANTAGE
Sets Industry Standard   Reduced Installation Costs   Easy Maintenance
Sets Industry Standard   Reduced Installation Costs   Easy Maintenance
Filterfans® can be seamlessly integrated into industry standard enclosure cut-outs.   The patented 4-corner fastening system allows a tool-free installation in seconds and guarantees a secure hold.   The design cover’s fastening system with grill supporting hinge requires only a single hand to replace the filter mat in seconds.
Optimized Air Flow   Accessories   Extended Lifetime
Optimized Air Flow   Additional Accessories   Extended Lifetime
Airflow optimized fins and rotor blades guarantee maximal airflow with minimal energy consumption using high performance louvers and more surface area on fluted filter mats.   Filterfans® can be used with thermostats to reduce energy & maintenance costs. NEMA 3R rainhoods are also available in steel and stainless steel for outdoor and some wash down applications.   With their fluted filter mats, Filterfans® reach NEMA Type 12 protection. Additionally, the fluted mats extend service life by 300% requiring less frequent replacements.