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NTE Shrink Tubing - Thick Wall with Adhesive
Tubing Type: Thick Wall with Adhesive
-40°C to 120°C Continuous
Shrink Temperature: >110°C
NTE Shrink Tubing
Heat Shrink Tubing - Thick Wall with Adhesive
NTE’s Thick Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is polyolefin based heat-shrinkable tubing suitable for a wide range of telecom and power applications like joints and cable repair. This tough, durable tubing provides protection for electrical connections in the most adverse conditions including direct burial, URD, and submersible installations.
Sold in 48" Strips - Color is Black
Part Number Size
Shrink Ratio I.D. (mm) Rec. Wall Thickness (mm)
Exp. Rec.
Add part number 47-400124-BK to your Quote. 47-400124-BK .47 3:1 12 3 2.5
Add part number 47-400206-BK to your Quote. 47-400206-BK .79 3.33:1 20 6 2.7
Add part number 47-400328-BK to your Quote. 47-400328-BK 1.06 3.37:1 27 8 4.0
Add part number 47-404013-BK to your Quote. 47-404013-BK 1.57 3.07:1 40 13 4.0
Add part number 47-405517-BK to your Quote. 47-405517-BK 2.00 3:1 55 18 4.1
Add part number 47-407222-BK to your Quote. 47-407222-BK 2.83 3.27:1 72 22 4.2
Add part number 47-409029-BK to your Quote. 47-409029-BK 3.54 3.1:1 90 29 4.3
Add part number 47-412040-BK to your Quote. 47-412040-BK 4.72 3:1 120 40 4.6