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NTE Shrink Tubing - Medium Wall with Adhesive
Tubing Type: Medium Wall with Adhesive
-40°C to 120°C Continuous
Shrink Temperature: >110°C
NTE Shrink Tubing
Heat Shrink Tubing - Medium Wall with Adhesive
NTE’s Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is polyolefin based heat-shrinkable tubing suitable for a wide range of telecom and power applications like joints and cable repair. This tubing is ideally suited for aerial, underground and direct burial installation.
Sold in 48" Strips - Color is Black
Part Number Size
Shrink Ratio I.D. (mm) Rec. Wall Thickness (mm)
Exp. Rec.
Add part number 47-300124-BK to your Quote. 47-300124-BK .47 3:1 12 3 1.5
Add part number 47-300206-BK to your Quote. 47-300206-BK .79 3.33:1 20 6 2.5
Add part number 47-300278-BK to your Quote. 47-300278-BK 1.06 3.37:1 27 8 2.5
Add part number 47-304013-BK to your Quote. 47-304013-BK 1.57 3.07:1 40 13 2.5
Add part number 47-305117-BK to your Quote. 47-305117-BK 2.00 3:1 50 17 2.5
Add part number 47-307222-BK to your Quote. 47-307222-BK 2.83 3.27:1 72 22 2.5
Add part number 47-309029-BK to your Quote. 47-309029-BK 3.54 3.1:1 90 29 2.5
Add part number 47-312040-BK to your Quote. 47-312040-BK 4.72 3:1 120 40 2.5