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ECG® Heat Guns - Economy Model
ECG® Heat Guns - Economy Model
Variable Temperature Electric Heat Gun. General purpose economy heat gun with 2-speed motor and electronic variable control dial for temperatures ranging from +250°F (+121°C) to +1100°F (+593°C). Solid state construction and high quality heat element make this the perfect heat gun for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, engineers, electricians, automotive and marine repair.
ECG Heat Guns
Ordering Information Order Number Diffuser Nozzles
HG-001VT Heat Gun Add part number HG-001VT to your Quote. HG-001VT
Heat Gun
/ EA
HG-0013 Diffuser Add part number HG-0013 to your Quote. HG-0013
/ EA
HG-0014 Diffusser Add part number HG-0014 to your Quote. HG-0014
/ EA
HG-0015 Diffuser Add part number HG-0015 to your Quote. HG-0015
/ EA