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Brady Desktop Thermal Printing Systems

Brady Desktop Thermal Printing Systems

  Brady IP Printer Series Brady BBP11 Thermal Transfer Printer Brady PR300+ Series Printer
BP-IP300 BP-IP600 BBP™11 BP-PR300+
The Brady IP™ Series Printer is part of a complete printing solution. It is the first thermal transfer industrial printer that uses smart cell technology to communicate with the material, ribbon, and software. The system offers material recognition, automatic formatting, and user-friendly printer features for labels, sleeves, and tags. The BBP™11 Label Printer is a small, entry level label printer for laboratory, aerospace, defense and mass transit, and general industrial markets. With high quality 300 dpi print resolution, a small footprint and a breadth of high performance labels materials, this label printer is ideal for offices and laboratories looking to print labels, tapes, cable markers, sleeves and more. Brady's High Performance Thermal Transfer Printer for your cable identification needs. Ideally suited to print Heatex products, wire markers, and polyester labels where material has a long life expectancy.
Descriptor Simple Easy to load, easy to use Sleeves
Recommended Throughput up to 5000 labels per day up to 1,000 labels/day up to 5000 labels per day
Operational Hours 8 hrs / 5 days 8 hrs / 5 days 12 hrs / 5 days
Resolution (DPI) 300 600 300 300
Max. Label Width 4.16" 4.17" 4.56"
Max Print Width 4.16" 4.17" 4.0"
Min Label Length 0.125" 0.125" 0.20"
Memory RAM
64MB 2MB Flash 8MB
Peripheral Printing
(Connected to a PC)
Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity Serial, USB, Ethernet 10/100 Parallel, Serial, USB, Network (ethernet) Serial, USB, Ethernet
Options Peel and Present N/A N/A

  Brady BBP81 Thermal Transfer Printer Brady Wraptor Printer and Applicator
BBP™81 Wraptor™
The Brady BBP™81 Label Printer provides enhanced productivity, along with the durability and reliability you need for tough industrial environments. Available in 300 dpi, the Brady BBP81 printer produces sharp labels for a variety of applications. Unique print and apply machine built specifically to automate cable and wire identification. Prints and wraps labels to wires from 0.060" to 0.600" within 5 seconds automatically.
Descriptor USB connectivity, for plug-and-play simplicity Automated Wire and Cable Marking
Recommended Throughput up to 5,000 labels per day 7,000+ labels per day
Operational Hours 12 hrs / 5 days 24 hrs / 7 days
Resolution (DPI) 300 300
Max. Label Width 4.500" 2.00"
Max Print Width 4.09" 2.00"
Min Label Length 0.500" 0.75"
Memory RAM
16MB 8MB
Peripheral Printing
(Connected to a PC)
Yes Yes
Connectivity Ethernet 10/100, Serial, Parallel, USB 2.0 USB, Serial. Ethernet (Wired Only)
Options 10/100 Ethernet N/A