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BBP™81 Thermal Label Printer

BBP™81 Thermal Label Printer
The Brady BBP™81 Label Printer provides enhanced productivity, along with the durability and reliability you need for tough industrial environments.

Available in 300 dpi, the Brady BBP81 printer produces sharp labels for a variety of applications. The BBP81 printer is loaded with features including USB connectivity for plug-and-play simplicity, automatic calibration when the printer is turned on, and improved BradyConnect 10/100 Print Server with simultaneous use of parallel and Ethernet connections. The durable, die-cast metal frame provides a rugged platform for industrial printing in operations that require label production 12 hours/day, 5 days/week.

The Brady BBP81 printer is able to print a wide variety of materials, including paper, polyester, metalized polyester, polyimide, and PermaSleeve™ materials.
Brady BBP81 Thermal Transfer Printer
Order Number Desription
Add part number BBP81-34 to your Quote. BBP81-34 Brady BBP™81 Label Printer- 300 dpi Standard
Add part number BBP81-34L to your Quote. BBP81-34L Brady BBP™81 Label Printer- 300 dpi w/ 10 base 100 LAN
Specification of the Brady BBP™81 Thermal Transfer Printer
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Speed: up to 8"/sec
Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
Max Labels Per Day: 5,000 labels/day
Hours of Operation: 12hrs / 5days
Max Label Width: 4.500"
Min Label Length: 0.500"
Max Print Width: 4.090"
Max Print Length: 32"
Max Liner Width: 4.500"
Min Liner Width: 1.000"
Color Capability: Single Color Printing
Bar Code Types: 2D and 1D (Linear)
PC Connectivity: Yes
Peripheral Printing: Yes
Stand Alone Printing: No
Connectivity Options: Ethernet 10/100, Serial, Parallel, USB 2.0
Portability: No
Memory: 16MB
Materials Supported: Continuous, Tags, Notched, Sleeves, Black Mark, Gapped
Weight: 32.400 lbs.
Warranty: 12 Months Manufacturer - See Terms and Conditions
Features of the Brady BBP™81 Thermal Transfer Printer
Easy to Use:
  • Automatic calibration – adjusts sensor levels and thresholds, determines lengths, and feeds media when the printer is turned on
  • USB connectivity, for plug-and-play simplicity
  • Large graphical LCD display with greater clarity and resolution
Incredibly Versatile:
  • Prints a wide range of label materials, including paper, polyester, metallized polyester, polyimide, and PermaSleeve™ materials
  • Adjustable Transmissive Sensor allows flexibility for custom label creation, as well as self-laminating and PermaSleeve™ materials
  • Improved BradyConnect 10/100 Print Server allows faster processing and simultaneous use of parallel & Ethernet connectivity; offers ZPL Programming Language
Rugged and Dependable:
  • Durable die-cast metal frame with large clear window
  • Capable of printing 5,000 labels per day, 12 hours per day
  • 16 MB standard RAM for dependable storage
Applications of Brady BBP™81 Transfer Printer
  • General Identification
  • Safety and Regulatory
  • Laboratory/Healthcare
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Data Communication
  • Item Identification
  • Compliance Shipping
  • Bin Labels
  • Regulatory Arc Flash
  • Terminal Block
  • UL508A/SCCR
  • Self-Lam Wire Identification
  • Datacomm Patch Panel