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SPC Sorbent Products - Marine Sorbents - Sweep & Pillows
Specifically designed for cleaning up oil spills on the water, these products have been used for nearly thirty years.
Features & Benefits:
  • Literally "sweep" the water to remove surface oil and clean up a spill - 100' sections are ideal for dragging behind or connecting between two ships
  • Jumbo pillow is enclosed in a heavy duty netting
SPC1900 Sweep
SPC1900 Sweep Application
Sweep & Pillows
Part Number Type Size Packaging Description
Add part number SPC1900 to your Quote. SPC1900 Sweep 19" x 100 1 / bale Durable blue coverstock for extra strength
Add part number SPC10 to your Quote. SPC10 Pillows 14" x 25" 10/ bale Lint free, jumbo pillows